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Visiting Cabo San Lucas in February (Weather + Activities)

If you think escaping the cold February weather sounds like the perfect plan, you’re not alone.

A favored spot for a winter escape is Cabo San Lucas.

Positioned at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, this relaxed Mexican beach haven is known for its brilliant sunshine, beautiful desert-meets-the-sea scenery and activities galore.

So, when is the best time for a Cabo vacation? Is February a good time to visit Cabo San Lucas?

We consider Cabo our home away from home and have traveled there frequently at different times of the year.

So, if you plan to visit Cabo San Lucas in February, here’s your definitive guide!

Beautiful Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas
Beautiful Medano Beach awaits you in February!

Cabo weather by month

January | February | June | October | November

Cabo? Cabo San Lucas? Los Cabos?

Technically, Los Cabos is the whole resort area encompassing the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, as well as the 20-mile stretch (known as the Tourist Corridor) between them. It’s often referred to as “Cabo” for short.

Here in this article, we use the terms “Cabo,” “Cabo San Lucas” and “Los Cabos” interchangeably.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in February

The Los Cabos weather in February is all you could want for a winter getaway.

Coming down from the cold in Canada or the U.S.? Swap out your winter boots and scarves for bathing suits and flip flops!

But, fair warning, it’s not crazy hot.

A trip to Cabo in February is not the same as, say, a tropical holiday in the Caribbean.

You’re not going to be sizzling in the sun. The weather in Cabo San Lucas in February is milder and more pleasant for outdoor adventures (which we’ll get into a bit further on here).

Temperatures in Cabo San Lucas in February

Average February temperatures in Cabo San Lucas
Average February temperatures in Cabo (Credit: Weather Spark)

So what is the average temperature in Cabo in February?

February is actually one of the coldest months in Cabo San Lucas. But the temps this month are still a tad warmer than they are in January in Cabo (the coldest month).

The average high is a delightful 79 F (26 C). Daytime temperatures range from about 73 F (23 C) to 86 (30 C).

The average low at night is about 60 F (16 C).

It’s comfortably warm during the day, making it perfect for lounging on the beach, and it’s pleasantly cool in the evenings (great for drifting off to sleep at night with the window open, listening to the sounds of the sea).

Bottom line: The Cabo temperature in February makes it ideal for a winter sun-and-sand vacay.

Number of sunny days Cabo in February

Average rainfall in Cabo in February
Average rainfall in Cabo in February (Credit: Weather Spark)

Cabo has a desert climate, which means it’s generally dry and sunny throughout the year.

In February, rainy days are rare. You might experience an occasional light shower, but February is one of the driest months in Cabo.

As for sunshine, February typically offers plenty of it! Think lots of sunny days, little cloud cover and the bluest of blue skies.

Humidity in Cabo in February

Average humidity levels in Cabo in February
Average humidity levels in Cabo in February (Credit: Weather Spark)

February in Cabo San Lucas falls in the dry season. It isn’t humid or sticky.

(The humid season in Cabo is from mid-June to early November. Late summer and September are especially humid.)

Cabo San Lucas has an average relative humidity of around 40% in February. Ideal healthy humidity levels are between 30% and 50%, according to the Mayo Clinic – meaning February is a very comfortable month.

You’ll especially like this, ladies. If your hair usually frizzes up when you go on tropical vacations, you won’t have to worry about this on a February vacation to Cabo.

Cabo water temperature in February

Average water temperature in Cabo in February
Average water temperature in Cabo in February (Credit: Weather Spark)

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “On land it’s warm, but what about the water?”

The Cabo San Lucas water temperature in February hovers around 72 F (22 C). The ocean temperatures are cooler than they are in the summer and fall.

Is it warm enough to swim in Cabo in February?

Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, it absolutely is!

Although the sea is a little cooler than in the summer months, it’s still comfortably warm for a refreshing dip.

It might just be a quick dip, though. While many people enjoy swimming in the sea in February in Cabo, you may find it a tad cool if you’re used to Caribbean water temperatures.

But, yes, pack your swimsuit(s) and prepare for some fantastic beach days!

11 Best things to do in Cabo in February

1) Watch whales

A breaching humpback whale in Cabo San Lucas
A breaching humpback whale in Cabo San Lucas

If there’s one thing you must do in February in Los Cabos it’s whale watching – February is one of the best months for this!

Migratory humpback and gray whales spend summers up in Alaska, British Columbia and Washington State. During the winter months, they travel south, passing through the warmer waters off the Baja California Peninsula to breed.

Late January and into March is when the females start to calve. So February is a prime time for seeing baby humpback whales in Cabo!

Many different whale watching tours are offered.

They include everything from small boat tours with a marine biologist (maximum 10 people) to luxury catamaran tours (with snacks and an open bar).

There are even whale watching tours on a pirate ship (with breakfast included) that are perfect if you’re vacationing in Cabo with kids!

2) See the famous Arch

A water taxi boat takes visitors on a sightseeing tour to see the Arch in Cabo San Lucas.
Water taxi boats take visitors on short sightseeing tours to see the Arch

If this is your first time to Cabo, then you must take a water taxi out to see the iconic natural arch at Land’s End called “El Arco” or simply, the Arch.

Standing a striking 200 feet high, this natural rock formation was sculpted by the wind and sea. You’ll also see (and hear!) the sea lions that bask on the rocks at Land’s End.

3) Play a round of golf

With the Cabo San Lucas weather in February being cooler than in spring, summer and fall, this month is an especially great time to golf in Cabo!

Renowned as a world-class golf destination, Cabo boasts over a dozen championship courses, including designs by golf greats like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

Among these, Puerto Los Cabos near San Jose del Cabo offers stunning views, while Cabo Real Golf Club provides a challenging yet memorable experience.

Then there’s Diamante’s Dunes. While it’s a private course, it opens up some tee times to non-guests.

And let’s not forget the Palmilla Golf Club – it boasts an impressive 27-hole layout.

4) Ride a camel

Fancy a camel ride? Yes, you can ride a camel on the beach! It’s definitely one of the most unique Cabo activities.

As there’s no shade while trotting along the sands on your camel safari, this is another activity best enjoyed in winter.

5) Visit Todos Santos

Shops in Todos Santos
Shops in Todos Santos

Because it’s not super hot, February is also a good month to make a day trip to Todos Santos.

This small arty town is a Pueblo Magico (magic town) about an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas. Having your own rental car is the best way to get there.

There’s lots to do in Todos Santos for the day.

Browse art galleries and boho boutiques. Admire the small ochre-colored Church of Our Lady of Pilar. Maybe even hike up Punta Lobos if you’ve made an early start.

For lunch? Oystera is great for oysters.

Or head to a Todos Santos beach and eat with your toes in the sand at The Green Room or nosh on seafood at the El Faro Beach Club & Spa.

6) Go ziplining

Young woman ziplining in Cabo San Lucas
Who wants to go ziplining? February is a great month in Cabo to go

The cooler February temperatures also mean this month is ideal for ziplining – no summer sweat!

Cabo Adventures offers an exhilarating combo of ziplining and UTV fun in Boca de la Sierra Reserve, featuring Mexico’s longest zip line.

For more thrills, try Wild Canyon’s adventure park pass or family-friendly Canopy Costa Azul near San Jose del Cabo.

7) Snorkel with whale sharks

Another must-do Cabo activity in February is snorkeling with whale sharks in La Paz (about a 2-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas).

These gentle ocean giants are the largest fish species. From November to March/April, they feed in the plankton-rich waters of the Bay of La Paz.

February is a great month to enjoy this unforgettable encounter. (Tip: Wear a wetsuit so you’re not cold in the water.)

We’ve been with Cabo Expeditions and Baja Charters – and they both offer excellent tours.

Cabo Adventures also offers all-inclusive, 10-hour trips from Cabo to swim with the La Paz whale sharks.

8) Kick back on Medano Beach

You want to enjoy some beach time, right? Then hit Medano Beach.

Not all of the beaches in Los Cabos are safe for swimming. But Medano beach is. One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, it’s Cabo’s most popular swimmable beach.

Lounge at trendy beach clubs like the Corazon Beach Club or Taboo, where the vibe is lively and the ocean views are stunning.

9) Go on a free Art Walk

In February, San Jose del Cabo’s Art Walk is a cultural highlight.

This hugely popular free event takes place every Thursday evening, from November to June. This time of the year, the streets of San Jose del Cabo buzz with energy during Art Walk, as visitors browse the art galleries and enjoy the street musicians.

Be sure to include it in your itinerary!

10) Hike in Fox Canyon

Visitors hiking in the Canyon of the Fox, Los Cabos
We’re having fun hiking in the Canyon of the Fox!

Enjoy the cooler temperature in Cabo in February with a hike in Fox Canyon, located in the Sierra de Laguna range.

The highlight? The Sol de Mayo Waterfall, cascading into a crystal-clear pool, perfect for a refreshing dip or adventurous jump.

The best way to enjoy this experience is to join a guided hiking tour (which includes roundtrip transportation).

11) Taste tacos and tequila

It’s always a good time in Cabo for tacos and tequila. The month of February is no exception – don’t miss the chance to savor Cabo’s flavors!

Here’s a great taco tasting tour in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The group size is intimate (a maximum of 12 guests). And along with meeting new people and learning about traditional Mexican food, you’ll sample various tacos – like beef steak tacos, fish tacos and our favorite, shrimp tacos.

If tequila tasting is more your style, you might like this private tequila tasting tour at Tequilera Santos Destilados in Cabo San Lucas. It’s very reasonably priced too!

What to pack for Cabo in February

Wondering what to wear in Cabo in February? Our advice is to take layers.

You’ll likely be in your swimsuit or wearing summery clothes during the day.

But the Cabo temps in February drop at night. So you’ll want a light sweater or thin jacket plus long pants to ward of the chill if eating outside at night.

Also, don’t forget the following when packing for a February trip to Cabo:

  • Sun protection:  Even though February is one of the coldest months in Los Cabos, the sun is still strong. Three essential items to pack for Cabo – no matter which month you go – are high-SPF sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Beach and pool stuff: You’ll want flip-flops and a beach bag for going to the beach and kicking back by the pool.
  • Footwear: For day trips, hiking and non-beach activities, make sure you have comfortable walking sandals or shoes.
  • Active gear: If snorkeling, diving or kayaking are on your agenda, don’t forget to pack snorkeling gear, water shoes and the like.
  • Tech and travel essentials: A portable charger and a waterproof Kindle are must-haves. Also, if you’re visiting from countries other than the United States or Canada, you might need an adapter.
  • Medications and personal care: Remember to pack enough of any prescription medications to last until the end of your trip. And, of course, pack any necessary personal toiletries.
  • Travel documents: Lastly, don’t forget to bring your passport, ID, travel insurance, hotel confirmations and any other required travel documents.

FAQs about visiting Cabo in February

Cabo San Lucas Marina
It’s always pleasant to walk around the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Is Cabo warm in February?

Absolutely! The daytime Los Cabos temperature in February ranges from about 73 F (23 C) to 86 (30 C).

The weather is delightfully sunny and warm, perfect for beach days and margaritas by the sea. Sunscreen is a must!

Is Cabo crowded in February?

February is considered high season in Cabo, so it’s busier than other months. But, it’s never so crowded that it spoils the fun.

As it’s peak season, you’ll want to reserve your accommodations far in advance, and you should expect higher prices.

Is it safe to travel to Cabo?

Absolutely! Cabo is considered one of the safest places in Mexico for tourists. As always, follow basic safety measures.

Do I need to know Spanish to get around?

While knowing some Spanish phrases is helpful, most locals in tourist areas speak English, so you should have no trouble getting around.

Is it better to go to Cabo in January or February?

Both months offer great weather, but February has the advantage of being slightly warmer and being peak whale-watching season.

Last words: Is February a good month to visit Los Cabos?

So, should you pack your bags and head to Cabo San Lucas in February? Of course!

With clear skies and comfortable temperatures, the Cabo weather in February is ideal for pool and beach days, as well as for outdoor activities like golf and hiking.

In fact, we can’t think of a reason not to visit in February! So why wait? Cabo is calling!

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