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Cravin’ Pasta? 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas


For some reason, there are some really good Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

If you are wondering where to eat in Cabo and are cravin’ pasta (or some other Italian dish), the following five trattorias hit the mark.

Best Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Best Italian Food in Cabo San Lucas
Creamy pasta on your mind?

Of course, we love the tacos in Cabo and all the other yummy Mexican food.

But every time we visit Cabo (which is often!), we make sure to pop into at least one of these Italian restaurants for a tummy-filling meal.

Because, like you probably, we sometimes need a change…

1) DOC Wine Bar

Pasta, bread and wine at DOC Wine Bar, Cabo San Lucas
Pasta, bread and wine – the stuff of life!

When we first walked into DOC Wine Bar several years ago, the blackboard read: “No martini, no pina colada, no margaritas, we are a wine bar.

Now the blackboard displays the daily pastas made in-house, but the message from before still rings true here.

This is a place with over 100 labels of Italian (and Mexican) wines available for your sipping pleasure.

Their Italian food is quite delectable too.

Proprietor Pietro Gioco worked extensively in his native Italy before opening DOC Wine Bar in 2009.

He’s now joined by Chef Apolinar Gomez, who’s the culinary genius in the kitchen.

They run this cool, classy little wine bar-cum-eatery with just the right amount of Italianissimo verve.

Think candles, a big wine fridge with an excellent temperature-controlled wine selection, old Italian posters and a handful of wooden tables and chairs scattered about two small air-conditioned rooms with burgundy walls, arched windows and concrete floors.

Outside the small eatery, a narrow sidewalk patio overlooks Cabo’s central plaza.

Tables on the street at DOC Wine Bar, Cabo San Lucas
You can sit inside or out at a streetside table

The food is all fresh (no frozen or pre-made items), and the pastas (between $15 and $25 USD) and even the mozzarella are made in-house.

Mussels are a specialty.

They’re offered three ways on the menu.

Order them in a creamy gorgonzola and rosemary sauce, and you’ll be in shellfish heaven! (Don’t forget to sop up the remaining sauce with the homemade bread.)

Another must-try is the fresh catch of the day (yellowtail, if in season) in a red wine sauce – light and melt-in-your-mouth tender.

For pasta, the spicy penne pepperoni with garlic and red pepper is cooked to al dente perfection. The mushroom risotto with a hint of truffle is also delicious.

Tortelli di zucca (pasta stuffed with pumpkin) and flavored with a hint of truffle at DOC Wine Bar, Cabo
Tortelli di zucca (pasta stuffed with pumpkin), flavored with truffle

And the DOC pasta, if you can handle the spice (it’s made with habanero and pork belly), is a tantalizing, fiery and unusual take on pasta carbonara.

The large menu of international wines is appealing (and complements the amazing food). But you could be a rebel and start with a hand-crafted Mezcal cocktail.

And what about la dolce vita?

We’ve tried the tiramisu – light and lovely. We also hear the Parmesan cheese crème brulee with a berry compote is top notch.

At the end of your meal, you’ll likely be served a glass of cold limoncello – a nice way to finish off the evening.

It’s hard to say which is the best Italian restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. But DOC Wine Bar is right up there. It’s our favorite for creative Italian cuisine.

DOC Wine Bar:

Tip: DOC Wine Bar is a great place to sample some really good Mexican wine from the wine-growing region around Ensenada. The food is also more inventive than at La Dolce (#2) and Salvatore G’s (#3) below.

Address: Across from Plaza Amelia Wilkes, the main square in Cabo San Lucas

Google location

2) La Dolce

La Dolce, Cabo San Lucas
This Italian restaurant in Los Cabos is family-friendly

You could order the healthy fresh catch of the day (maybe lightly seared tuna) served with steamed veggies.

But then you’d miss the homemade pastas.

And that would be a shame. Because the pasta dishes at La Dolce are sinfully yummy.

Maybe go for the tortellini?

Stuffed with your choice of beef or spinach and cheese, it comes nestled in a rich cream sauce of bacon, porcini mushrooms, garlic, sundried tomatoes, sage, rosemary and Parmesan cheese.

Or try one of the thin-crust gourmet pizzas baked in their wood-burning brick oven. Perhaps the chicken, pine nut, mushroom and arugula creation?

Definitely some of the best pizza in Cabo San Lucas!

Shrimp pizza at La Dolce, Cabo San Lucas
You can have your shrimp and your pizza too!

Bowls of freshly grated Parmesan on the tables attest to the trattoria’s authenticity.

Owner and chef Stefano Miotto, who hails from Treviso, Italy, opened this Cabo location in 2001 after the success of his La Dolce Vita in Puerto Vallarta.

He’s very hands-on, and is often seen greeting diners and checking up on meals.

This Italian restaurant is a feel-good place for casual Italian food. And it offers good value too.

La Dolce:

Tip: La Dolce is popular with large parties (so it can be noisy). Make sure you have a reservation. (The restaurant group has a second location in San Jose del Cabo too.)

Address: Ave. Hidalgo

Google location

3) Salvatore G’s

Mussels in a tomato sauce at Salvatore G, Cabo San Lucas
Who wants mussels in a tomatoey broth?

Salvatore G’s (sometimes spelled “Salvatore G”) always gets great reviews for serving some of the best Italian food in Cabo San Lucas.

(It used to be really cheap too, but we noticed a price increase on our most recent visit. Now it’s not so cheap. But it’s still really good.)

Anyway, Salvatore’s is known for their fall-off-the-bone Osso Bucco, as well as their Italian sausage-and-spinach lasagna (a wickedly good twist on traditional lasagna).

Somebody in your party has to order the lasagna

But you should start with the “Italian Torta” appetizer.

This dish is made up of layers of seasoned cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and roasted garlic – snuggled up to mixed greens, antipasti and crostini – sinfully delicious!

Just go hungry.

The gigantic servings are one reason Salvatore’s is so popular. Each dish is practically big enough for three people to share.

(Of course, you can take your leftovers with you, and if you’re staying in condo-style accommodations, any food you can’t eat makes for a nice reheated lunch or dinner the next day.)

The best tables are around the little pool in the beautiful outdoor courtyard.

Overhanging terracotta roofs, potted palms and cherubic statues make the setting quite atmospheric.

Upstairs is okay, but not really where you want to be (though it’s sometimes quieter upstairs and easier to talk there).

Service can be on the slow side, especially for large groups.

And you might have to wait a bit, even if you have a reservation. And reservations are essential at this popular restaurant if you have a hope of squeezing in!

Salvatore’s is lively, noisy and fun. Most people leave stuffed and happy.

It’s consistently recommended by hotel concierges as one of the top Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. We too suggest you add it to your Cabo trip plans when you go.


Tip: If you bring your own bottle of wine, the corkage fee is $15.

Adress: In the Siesta Suites hotel on Calle Emiliano Zapata, between Guerrero and Hidalgo

Google location

4) Romeo & Julieta

Putting the finishing touches onto a cappelletti dish at Romeo & Julieta, Cabo San Lucas
Putting the finishing touches onto a cappelletti dish

When you want a quiet romantic restaurant that serves up reliably good Italian food, Romeo & Julieta is a great spot. It’s been in business for donkey’s years.

They have lots of seating, both indoors and outside in a courtyard setting.

And sometimes there’s live music.

The outside courtyard at Romeo & Julieta is very inviting.
The outside courtyard at Romeo & Julieta is very inviting

On the menu?

Items change depending on what’s fresh and in season. But there are always homemade fresh pasta dishes, of course. You can even order gluten-free pasta.

The restaurant also has a wood-fired oven for thin-crust pizzas

The artichoke risotto gets high marks.

And because we love anything with Gorgonzola cheese, the “four cheese fettuccine” with Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Pecorino and goat cheese (plus chicken) has our number.

Romeo & Julieta:

Tip: Be sure to order the Caesar salad. It’s made fresh at your table, and there aren’t too many places in the world that still do this!

Location: Boulevard Marina at the base of Pedregal Hill, just off the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Google Maps

5) Il Forno

Fresh fettuccine tossed with creamy carbonara sauce at Il Forno, Cabo San Lucas
Fancy fettuccine carbonara? It’s tossed with the creamy sauce at your table

The smell of garlic is likely to lure you in. But the excellent food will make you stay.

At Il Forno, the fettuccine is tossed with the sauce at your table.

But if you’re not in a fettuccine mood, go for the gnocchi with the four-cheese sauce, shrimp and asparagus. Or how about the lamb ravioli in tomato sauce and truffle?

If you’d rather have one of their meat or seafood dishes, you’ll enjoy the accompanying veggies, which are sourced from their organic farm in Pescadero.

They have lots of options for pizza too. (Gorgonzola, pear and pistachio pizza, anyone?)

Thin-crust pizza at Il Forno, Cabo San Lucas
Thin-crust pizza at Il Forno

Another one of the best Cabo San Lucas restaurants for Italian specialties, Il Forno is a new find for us.

We can’t wait to go back a second time for more of their Italian goodness!

Il Forno:

Tip: The outside courtyard has a nice casual atmosphere, with lights strung around a huge tree growing in one corner.

Address: Paseo El Pescador

Google location

So that’s it for these five best Cabo San Lucas Italian restaurants

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we all get tired of Mexican cuisine.

When that happens, it’s nice to know you can get fresh pasta, seafood dishes served Italian style and wood-fired pizza at some great Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

Buon appetito!

Best Italian Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

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