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Visiting Cabo in November (Weather + Activities)

Once the colors of autumn fade away and temperatures start to plummet, you might be thinking of topping up your vitamin D levels somewhere sunny.

Perhaps you’d like to squeeze in a warm weather vacay before the festive season begins?

Cabo in November could be the answer.

Made up of two towns – Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo – this region of Baja California Sur in Mexico is one of the most easy-to-reach winter sun destinations for U.S. and Canadian vacationers. 

We usually visit Cabo in December and January.

But we have spent a glorious sunny November in Cabo. We think it’s one of the best months to visit Cabo and explore this premier vacation destination. 

So what’s the Los Cabos weather in November like, what’s there to do and what should you pack?

Our guide can help with planning a trip to Cabo in November. 

(Oh, and even though we may use the phrase “Cabo San Lucas” or “Cabo” here, we’re actually talking about the whole region of Los Cabos in this article, not just the town of Cabo San Lucas.) 

November in Los Cabos is a great month for all water sports
Spoiler alert: November in Los Cabos is a great month for all water sports!

Cabo weather by month

January | February | June | October | November

Weather in Cabo in November

Let’s start with the weather.

What’s November weather in Cabo like? 

If you’re flying into Mexico from somewhere in the northern U.S. or Canada, you’ll be delighted. 

Cabo is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula (in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur) – which means that it’s pretty much bang on the Tropic of Cancer. 

So you can expect warm sunny days (around 11 hours of sunshine per day), with very little chance of rain, and marginally cooler evenings. 

Chart showing the sunshine and cloud cover in Cabo in November
You’ll get lots of sunshine in Cabo in November! (Credit: Weather Spark)

Of course, before your trip, you can check the forecasted weather for November in Los Cabos for your dates on weather apps and sites like AccuweatherWeather Spark and

Temperature in Cabo San Lucas in November

The average high temperature in Cabo in November is similar to October’s temperature in Cabo – 88 F (31 C). It’s usually at least 77 F (25 C). 

In the evenings, November is a tad cooler than October, and the barometer can drop to around 66 F (19 C). 

Chart showing the average temperatures in Cabo in November
Average temperatures in Los Cabos in November (Credit: Weather Spark)

While it’s not roasting hot like in August and September, the average temperature is much higher than, say, January in Cabo

There’s also plenty of sunshine in Los Cabos in November – so It will feel like a proper hot sunny beach vacation.

Does it rain in Cabo in November?

The Cabo San Lucas weather in November is mainly rain-free. 

Although sometimes there may be a little cloud cover, rainy days are rare. The chance of rain on any given day is only around 4%, and the area gets barely half an inch of rain throughout the month.

In fact, it’s one of the driest months in the region.

Chart showing the average rainfall in November in Cabo
Average rainfall in November in Cabo (Credit: Weather Spark)

Now, November is technically still in the Cabo San Lucas hurricane season.

But Cabo’s entire hurricane season is not nearly as wet or bad as in the Caribbean and the East Coast USA. Plus, in Cabo, stormy weather usually only occurs in September (sometimes in late August). 

Water temperature in Cabo in November

Thanks to the warm Cabo weather in November, the average sea temperature stays fairly constant throughout the month, at around 80 F (27 C). 

As a comparison, swimming pool temperatures are usually 77 to 82 F (25 to 28 C).

This means that you can enjoy swimming and other water activities in Cabo to your heart’s content!

We found the warm water temps to be ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Chart showing the average November sea temperature in Cabo San Lucas
Average November sea temperature in Cabo (Credit: Weather Spark)

Local events and festivities in Cabo in November

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a traditional Mexican festival held on the 1st and 2nd of November that celebrates loved ones who have passed away.

While it’s reflective, it’s anything but somber, and you’ll find street celebrations and decorations throughout both towns. 

Los Cabos International Film Festival

Launched in 2012, the Los Cabos International Film Festival (LCIFF) has become a prominent gathering for filmmakers and movie enthusiasts worldwide – attracting more than 15,000 attendees in recent years.

Held annually in Cabo, the festival showcases a diverse range of films, from dramas to documentaries and shorts.

Hollywood stars such as Edward Norton, Robert De Niro, Matt Dillon, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Monica Bellucci and Reese Witherspoon have all graced this cultural event over the years.

Nicole Kidman at the 2017 Los Cabos International Film Festival
Nicole Kidman at the 2017 Los Cabos International Film Festival (Credit: LCIFF)

Most of the multi-day event’s activities take place in the evening.

You can get tickets for cinema screenings, shows on the beach and question-and-answer sessions with filmmakers.

Revolution Day

Held on 20th November each year in Mexico, Revolution Day celebrates what was the start of the Mexican Revolution. Expect street parties and parades in traditional Mexican style.

Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

What should you not miss in Cabo San Lucas in November if you love to fish? The Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot!

It’s one of the best fishing tournaments in Mexico (and one of the world’s largest tuna fishing tournaments).

A Cabo-specific celebration, it combines thrilling sport with conservation efforts to help ensure sustainable fishing practices in the waters of Baja California. Keen anglers can earn serious cash by participating in the five-day-long event.

Spending Thanksgiving in Cabo

Had enough of chilly Thanksgiving holidays?

In Cabo, several resorts in Cabo put on special Thanksgiving celebrations, where you can enjoy beachfront turkey and Thanksgiving/Mexico fusion menus.

If you’re visiting with family, some places offer cookie-decorating classes, outdoor movie nights, kid-friendly Thanksgiving menus and family photoshoots against a beautiful oceanfront backdrop – guaranteeing a great time for everyone.

9 Best things to do in Cabo in November

When it comes to activities, is November a good time to visit Cabo?

Well, you can soak up the sun on golden sand beaches, swim in the ocean and dive below the water’s surface to witness Cabo’s diverse marine life. 

Beaching, boat excursions, water sports and fishing are at their best in November in Cabo, when the weather is ideal for all-day activities on and in the water.

The following are the best things to do on a Cabo vacation in November.

1) Enjoy the beaches

Lover's Beach at Land's End, Cabo San Lucas
Lover’s Beach at Land’s End

November is perfect beach weather in Cabo! 

Cabo’s extensive coastline is perfect for basking on the best swimmable beaches (on the Sea of Cortez side).

There are plenty of beach clubs where you can do this in style – margarita in hand, of course!

2) Take a water taxi to Land’s End

Roughly three stories high, the Arch is an iconic landmark in Cabo.
Roughly three stories high, the Arch is an iconic landmark in Cabo

Water taxi boats also depart from the Cabo San Lucas Marina throughout the day to cruise around Land’s End and the famous Arch of Cabo), a craggy rock formation just begging to be photographed.

A cool way to see the marine world as you putter out to Land’s End is this glass bottom boat cruise. It’s not just an ordinary glass bottom boat – the entire boat is transparent! 

Keep an eye out for the sea lions that loll about on the rocks at Land’s End.

3) Go sailing and snorkeling

Sailing and snorkeling are also among the best Cabo activities in November – the weather is perfect this time of year for this!

Passengers relax on a sailboat in Cabo San Lucas.
There are many sailing tours in Cabo you can choose from (Credit: Cabo Sailing)

Boat trips often combine snorkeling and sightseeing at Land’s End with stops at Chileno Bay and/or Santa Maria Bay. 

One of our top picks is this sailing and snorkeling boat trip with lunch.

Sip cocktails as you cruise to Land’s End for photos.

Then sail to either Chileno Bay or Santa Maria Bay for snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding and relaxing on floating mats on the water, followed by a gourmet seafood lunch.

The group size is limited to 16 people on this small group excursion.

4) Swim with whale sharks in La Paz

If you’re wondering what to do in Cabo San Lucas in November that’s extra special, how about swimming with the largest fish in the world? 

Snorkelers and a whale shark in La Paz
Swimming with the whale sharks is a must!

Whale sharks are gentle giants, and seeing them in their natural habitat is a bucket-list experience for many. 

They frequent the waters around La Paz (about a two-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas) from mid-October to around March (though you might still see them until mid-April).

Plankton, krill and other whale shark food are most abundant in the area this time of year, attracting whale sharks to come and feed.

This means that November is very firmly in whale shark season. (Plus, the water is so pleasantly warm this month for swimming with them! Not like in January, when we froze during our whale shark swims.)

So if you want to see the La Paz whale sharks, a vacation in November in Cabo San Lucas is ideal. 

5) Do a day trip to Cabo Pulmo

A day trip to Cabo Pulmo should also be on your itinerary for your November trip – it’s another one of the best Cabo day trips you can do this month.

Turquoise waters lapping against white sands await you at Cabo Pulmo National Park. But it’s what’s underwater that lures visitors.

A sea turtle in Cabo Pulmo
Sea turtles are often seen when snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo

Here, you can explore an amazing coral reef (the only one in the Sea of Cortez) brimming with colorful fish and sea life. You can also see a remote sea lion colony.

This excellent kayaking tour with reliable operator Cabo Outfitters (we’ve used them for numerous tours in Cabo) combines kayaking to see the sea lions with lots of snorkeling. Pssst! You might even spot sea turtles!

Cabo Adventures is another popular local tour company, and their Cabo Pulmo snorkeling expedition has you snorkeling from a small boat.

Transportation to and from Cabo San Lucas is included in both of these day tours.

6) Join the Art Walk

Visitors enjoy the gallery art on the Thursday evening San Jose del Cabo Art Walk.
Visitors enjoy the gallery art on the Thursday evening Art Walk

November is the start of the free Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo. It takes place every Thursday evening this month – and it’s lots of fun!

7) Sail to Espiritu Santo Island (near La Paz)

Another great day trip is sailing to Espiritu Santo Island, which is close to La Paz.  

It’s part of a group of islands in the Gulf of California that are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The scenery is jaw-scraping-off-the-floor beautiful. Think stark volcanic rock landscapes, desert dunes and bright blue sea.

Espiritu Santo Island is an uninhabited island that can be reached by boat from La Paz.
Espiritu Santo Island is an uninhabited island that can be reached by boat from La Paz

As well, with the water temperatures being warm in November, Espiritu Santo Island and nearby Los Islotes are some of the best places for snorkeling this time of year.

Along with tropical fish, you can see mobula rays, dolphins and sea turtles.

The highlight is swimming and snorkeling with sea lions – Los Islotes is home to a colony of about 200 sea lions.

We snorkeled with the Los Islotes sea lions several years ago in January. The water was really too cold for comfortable snorkeling without a wetsuit.

But November? It’s perfect for this activity.

To get there, Baja Charters offers an all-inclusive sailing trip to Espiritu Santo Island for a day of swimming, snorkeling, SUP-ing and hiking. (We’ve previously gone with Baja Charters on a whale shark swimming excursion – and that was excellent!)

You’ll be picked up from your Cabo hotel or resort and driven to the marina in La Paz, where you’ll board a spacious catamaran.

The trip includes breakfast as you sail to Espiritu Santo Island, along with a chef-prepared lunch onboard before heading back to Cabo later in the afternoon.

Luxury touches include hot water showers on the catamaran and lots of fresh towels for your use.

The trip is offered between May and November.

Or you can go on this 5-star-rated adventure with Cabo Adventures. It also includes van transfers to and from La Paz, along with breakfast, lunch and an open bar.

In La Paz, you board their luxury power yacht, which stops at both Los Islotes (for a spot of sea lion snorkeling) and Isla Partida (thought by some to be the most beautiful beach in Mexico). 

8) Relax on a sunset cruise

If you want to know what to do in Cabo in November in the evening, there are ample sunset cruises to enjoy. They’re a magical way to watch the sky turn pink and orange while sipping on an ice-cold margarita or glass of wine.

We highly recommend this shared luxury sailing cruise with Cabo Sailing. Drinks, appies and the chance to really sail – there’s no better way to celebrate the sunset!

9) Go fishing

What’s better than fresh Mexican seafood? Fresh Mexican seafood that you’ve caught yourself!

Cabo is a prime destination for fishing, and charter fishing services are readily available.

On trips like this private fishing tour, experienced captains and crews can guide you to the best spots, where you can throw a rod in with the hope of catching fish like marlin and mahi mahi.

Happy woman holding golden dorado fish
Who’s happy to have caught a dorado?

What to pack for Cabo in November

Packing for Cabo in November is fairly simple. In general, consider the following.

  • Lightweight clothing: Pack mostly summer clothes for warm days, like breathable and comfortable shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sundresses and skirts. Some restaurants in Cabo are quite high-end, so remember to throw in something a little dressy for going out at night. 
  • A light sweater and/or long-sleeved top: As evenings may be coolish, pack a long-sleeved top plus a thin sweater or shawl for layering.
  • Swimwear: Cabo has beautiful beaches, so don’t forget your swimsuits, bikinis or swim trunks!
  • Sun protection: The sun can be intense in November, so you should bring sunscreen with a high SPF, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.
  • Beach essentials: Take a beach towel, flip-flops and a beach bag for your beach outings.
  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes or sandals are essential for exploring beyond the beach, especially if you plan to do some sightseeing or hiking.
  • Active gear: If you’re going to do any snorkeling, diving or kayaking, pack appropriate gear such as water shoes, snorkeling gear or any equipment you may need.
  • Travel essentials: Don’t forget a portable charger and waterproof Kindle. Cabo uses the same electrical outlets as the United States and Canada, so if you’re traveling from a different country, you may also need an adapter.
  • Medications, toiletries and personal items: If you take any prescription medications, be sure to pack enough for the duration of your trip. Also bring any personal toiletries you may need.
  • Travel documents: Lastly, don’t forget to pack your passport, identification, travel insurance and any other necessary travel documents.

Frequently asked questions about traveling to Cabo in November

When is the best time to go to Cabo?

It depends on personal preferences, but we think the month of November may well be the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas!

In our view, the shoulder season of November is the ideal match of comfortable weather and warm sea temperature (making it perfect for water-based activities). 

And it’s not yet high season (December to mid-April), so it’s not too busy.

There are fewer crowds earlier in the month, and it does become busier around Thanksgiving toward the end of the month. 

Can you see whales in Cabo in November?

The Cabo whale watching season officially begins in December.

But there have been sightings in November – often pregnant whales searching for places to give birth.

Still, you shouldn’t expect great whale watching in November (as you would, say, in January or February in Cabo).

Is November a good time to fish in Cabo?

Yes, fishing in Cabo in November is excellent!

November is considered to be part of the peak season for fishing in Cabo. Pleasant weather, calm seas and good fishing action all make for great fishing conditions.

You can expect to catch a variety of fish species, including marlin (both blue and striped), dorado (also known as mahi-mahi or dolphin fish), yellowfin tuna, wahoo and sailfish, among others.

Is it humid in Cabo in November?

You might find some humidity in early November, but it’s nowhere near as intense as in August and September, two of the hottest months.

The atmosphere gets drier as the month continues, so the later you visit Cabo this month, the less humid it’ll be. 

Chart showing the average humidity in November in Los Cabos
Average humidity in November in Los Cabos (Credit: Weather Spark)

So, is November a good time to go to Cabo? Last words

If your idea of a wonderful getaway involves unwinding on enticing beaches, going on sailing and snorkeling adventures, and savoring warm evenings dining alfresco, then Cabo San Lucas in November is perfect for you.

Apart from how busy it can get during Thanksgiving, we can’t really think of any reasons why November is not an excellent time to visit Cabo.

So what are you waiting for? 

Book your flight, and you’ll be swapping out the north’s rain or snow for frosty cocktails on the beach before you know it!

Discover more of Los Cabos!

Planning your trip to Cabo?

Here are our favorite travel resources:

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