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Traveling to Cabo With Your Dog: Services and Tips

Heading down to Los Cabos with your furry friend? Perfect choice!

This sun-soaked Mexican paradise isn’t just a haven for beach lovers and adventure seekers. It’s also a dog-friendly destination for pooches and their owners. (If you live in the U.S. or Canada, Cabo is probably more Fifi- and Fido-friendly than home!)

You’ll find pet-friendly accommodations that will pamper your dog as much as they do you.

Many beaches and restaurants welcome dogs, and lots of great services (from dog sitting to vet care) help pet owners enjoy their vacay without worry.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of making your Los Cabos vacation an easy and fun one for you and your pooch.

Pssst! Readers asked for us to write a guide on traveling to Cabo with a dog. But we’d love for your contributions to this. Please share your tips in the Comments section at the end of this post and we’ll add them to this guide!

Furry dog on the beach with blue sandals
Yes, you can bring your pooch to Cabo to have fun with you!

Traveling with a dog to Cabo: The basics

First off, jetting off to Cabo with your dog is easier than you might think. Mexico is pretty chill when it comes to pets crossing the border.

Chihuahua in a pet carrier at the airport
Everyone’s excited to to be traveling to Cabo!

When booking airline tickets, give your airline a heads-up because each has its own pet policy and space for pets can be limited.

You should bring your dog in a cage or carrier. And, of course, your pet’s carrier should be clean.

Also, you can only bring the amount of food used to feed your dog during the day of arrival.

Below is a brief summary of the entry requirements. For details, see the Mexican government rules for traveling to Mexico with a dog.

If visiting from the U.S. or Canada

You don’t need a vet certificate of clean health for your dog to enter Mexico. (But be sure you have a rabies certificate.)

Your dog should be in a clean carrier, without any bedding or toys.

When you arrive in Cabo, your dog will be physically inspected by an employee from SENASICA (National Service of Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality).

They want to ensure your pet:

  • Doesn’t show any signs of infection or a contagious disease
  • Is free of parasites (ticks)
  • Doesn’t show any rashes or wounds

If visiting from countries other than the U.S. or Canada

Your dog will need a health certificate from a vet, issued within 15 days before your trip. This certificate should confirm that your pet:

  • Doesn’t have a contagious disease
  • Has been de-wormed within the previous six months
  • Is free of parasites
  • Is up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies

Mexico’s Frequent Traveler Pet Program

For globetrotting pooches, Mexico offers a Frequent Traveler Program for Pets.

This is a game-changer. It speeds up the entry process, cutting down on paperwork and wait times at customs. If you visit Cabo (or Mexico) regularly, you’ll want to register for this.

To get your pet enrolled, you’ll need to provide all the standard health documentation and apply through Mexico’s animal health authority, SENASICA. Once you’re in, your four-legged friend becomes a VIP (Very Important Pet) in Mexico’s eyes.

Dog-friendly hotels in Cabo

Someone’s enjoying the view of Land’s End (Credit: Visit Los Cabos)

When it comes to finding a place to stay, you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly hotels in Cabo San Lucas (and all of Los Cabos). Think plush dog beds, gourmet dog menus and even spa treatments for your furry companion.

From luxury beachfront resorts and villas to boutique hotels and cozy condos, there’s a spot for every taste and budget.

Most do, however, have a maximum weight restriction. Unless you’re renting a condo or Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner), covered below, it’s much easier to find a resort that will welcome a small dog than a big dog.

One & Only Palmilla

A staff member takes a pup for a walk at One & Only Palmilla
A staff member takes a pup for a walk (Credit: One & Only Palmilla)

We love this hotel in San Jose del Cabo for unabashed luxury (see our One & Only Palmilla review).

They also take the phrase “pet-friendly resort” seriously.

Four-legged guests are welcomed at One & Only Palmilla with amenities ranging from specialized dog sitting and walking services to custom-made plush beds and custom life jackets for the ocean.

They also get treated to a private dining pet menu, which includes “Tail Waggers” (fresh grilled tuna steak and white rice) and “Mutt Meatballs” (ground beef, egg and roasted sweet potato).


  • Additional cost of $50 pet fee per day
  • Dog weight limit is 40 lb.
  • Your dog cannot be left unattended
  • Dogs must be kept on leash outside your room and aren’t allowed in the restaurants or other select areas of the resort
  • Pet policy and information

Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

Furry friends also get to vacation in the lap of luxury at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso.

As well as their own bed and metallic bowl (adorned with faux gemstones!), they get a portable “pet cabana” to use at the pool or beach, so they can sit outdoors with you in shady comfort.

Doggie shade cabana on the grass at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos
Stay at Las Ventanas and your pooch gets their own shade cabana (Credit: Las Ventanas al Paraiso)

A dedicated dog butler and pet lover can also take your pampered pet on daily walks and give them special dog massages. And if you want to leave Las Ventanas, resort staff can set you up with a qualified pet sitter.


Casa Dorada Los Cabos

Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa offers a more laid-back (and less expensive) stay than One & Only Palmilla and Las Ventanas.

This all-suite resort features accommodations ranging from studios (with kitchenettes) to one-and two-bedroom condos (with full kitchens and separate living rooms and bedrooms).

As for pet guests, they are welcomed with special treats, sleep in a plush bed and are treated to turndown amenities every night. The resort also has a stock of dry dog food in case of emergencies, along with access to 24-hour vet service.

Girl in a pink dress with her dog on Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas
Hanging out on Medano Beach… (Credit: Casa Dorada Los Cabos)

If your pet is comfortable being alone, feel free to go out for a bit and leave your dog alone in your room. (Some dog-friendly places don’t allow this.)

Bonus: With a great central beachfront location on Medano Beach, the resort is walkable to the center of Cabo San Lucas and all its restaurants and bars – meaning lots of places for you and your dog to walk to!


  • Additional cost of $100 per stay
  • Only one pet per room
  • Dog weight limit is 40 lb.
  • Dogs have access to specific areas only and must be leashed in public areas

Mar Del Cabo

Oooh! We bet your chew toy that tails are going to wag with joy over this boutique resort’s “Pampered Pooch” package!

Couple playing with their dog on the bed at Mar del Cabo
Mar del Cabo offers a pet-friendly vacay to pamper your pooch and you (Credit: Mar del Cabo)

This three-night getaway at Mar del Cabo includes a stay in the1,485 sq. ft. Penthouse Suite, featuring a large private oceanview terrace, bedroom, living room, dining area and kitchenette. There’s a bed, food bowl and toys for your furry friend, of course.

Lots of other goodies are included too!


  • $3,779 for the 3-night package
  • Welcome pet-friendly transportation from the airport
  • Special and healthy dog menu (like fresh salmon poke just for dogs, made free of preservatives and without salt, onion, garlic, etc.)
  • Dog sitting services up to three times (for one hour each) during your stay
  • Elegant sunset picnic for you and your pet

The Cape, A Thompson Hotel

Tail-wagging adventures continue at The Cape, A Thompson Hotel. When we stayed here, we saw dogs on leashes taking their owners for a walk from the hotel to the beach area.

Fifi or Fido will get their own bed, stainless steel food bowl, chew toy and roll of poop bags.

(Note that The Cape, A Thompson Hotel allows bigger dogs than the other resorts above.)


  • Additional cost of $100 per stay plus $100 extra cleaning fee
  • Only one pet per guest room
  • Dog weight limit is 50 lb.
  • Dogs have access to specific areas only and must be leashed in public areas
  • Service animals aren’t considered pets and may stay with you without any restrictions
  • Pet policy and information

Renting a pet-friendly condo or villa

For a longer stay or a place with home-away-from-home comforts, look at Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) instead of a hotel or luxury resort.

Similar to Airbnb, they specialize in fully private and self-contained condo and villa rentals (no rooms in a house, for example).

Be sure to tick “I am traveling with pets” so you’ll only be shown properties that allow pets.

You can find some fabulous dog-welcoming condos and villas in Cabo on the Vrbo site. As most offer spacious terraces and loads of room for the entire family (including four-legged ones), you and your pet’s stay is bound to be carefree and enjoyable. Some properties even have their own private beaches and pools!

We’ve used Vrbo (in Hawaii and for summer cottage rentals closer to our home) and we’ve been very happy with our stays.

Tip: When searching Vrbo, filter for properties owned or managed by Premier Hosts that are “highly rated for cleanliness” and get 4+ stars (out of 5) to find the best of the best.

Exploring Cabo with a dog

Neither you nor your pooch want to stay cooped up in your condo or hotel room when vacationing in Cabo. Lucky for you there are plenty of welcoming places to sniff around!

Cabo’s dog-friendly beaches

Most of Cabo’s beaches are dog-friendly. Just keep an eye on the beach rules, as some areas require leashes.

Dog half asleep on a sandy beach in Cabo
Yes, keeping one eye open is a good way keep to stay on top of the fun

Medano Beach, for instance, is a great spot to let your dog frolic in the sand and surf – most of it anyway. Whenever we go for a walk along the beach, we always encounter happy dogs playing with their human parents.

Pets aren’t welcome, though, in front of most of the resorts where the beach loungers are set up.

The section of beach in front of the large parking lot by the Arroyo on Medano Beach (between Tabasco’s and Villa del Arco) is a great place to set yourself up for a beach day.

Bring your own umbrella and beach chairs. Or you can rent from one of the vendors who offer similar services to the beach clubs (e.g., food and drink delivery).

Other beaches in Los Cabos where dogs are allowed include:

Remember to bring water and waste bags, and be respectful of other beachgoers by cleaning up after your pup.

Some beaches don’t allow dogs and have signs indicating “No Dogs.” They include Chileno Bay and Santa Maria Beach.

Dining out with your dog

Dog at a restaurant, where pizza is on the table
No begging now!

There are many dog-friendly restaurants in Cabo that allow you to bring your pet along for a delicious meal (usually on the outdoor patio).

They include:

  • Invita Bistro – This is one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Cabo. Dogs are allowed with you on the outside patio, so you can get your pasta fix without leaving your furry one behind. Reservations are essential in January, February and other high season months.
  • Mango Deck – Sit with your toes in the sand, Fifi or Fido at your feet, at this popular Medano Beach bar-cum-resto, known for its fun vibes, party scene and all-day happy hour.
  • The Office on the Beach – Somewhat of an institution in Cabo San Lucas, this is another great Medano Beach restaurant. More upscale (and serving better food) than Mango Deck, it’s the place to go for seafood, tacos and excellent margaritas in a casual setting – also sitting with your feet in the sand (your well-behaved dog beside you).
  • The Cabo Bakery – Pick up warm-from-the-oven sourdough bread, then have breakfast (really good omelettes and waffles) or lunch on the patio here with your four-legged friend.
  • Zippers Bar & Grill – You and your canine companion can enjoy ocean views and fantastic food on the outdoor patio of this cool palapa-covered beachside hangout on Playa Costa Azul. The burgers are super tasty. Or splurge on fresh grilled lobster!
  • Solomon’s Landing – Located on the Cabo San Lucas Marina, this open-air restaurant allows dogs to sit with you on their large and shaded wooden deck. Their friendly pet attitude and good prices, along with their tasty sushi, shrimp tacos and grilled catch-of-the-day, make it a favorite for dog parents.

Dog walkers, sitters and doggie day care

Even on vacation, you might want some alone time for activities that aren’t so dog-friendly. That’s where Los Cabos’ dog-walking and daycare services come in handy.

Local providers offer personalized care, ensuring furry family members get plenty of exercise and socializing while you go fishing, whale watching, golfing, swimming with whale sharks, golfing and the like.

Check out:

  • Cabo Sitters – They offer not only baby sitting, but pet sitting too. Rates start from $30 day.
  • WOOF Cabo – Founded in 2011, WOOF is an air-conditioned day care, dog spa and kennel in San Jose del Cabo.

Vet care and grooming

You’ll find vets and dog salons in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Vets in Cabo

  • Cabo Pet Hospital – This vet facility offers vet consultations, vaccinations, dental cleaning, surgery and animal hospitalization. They also deal with vet emergencies. They’re located behind Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Dog grooming in Cabo

Tips for a smooth trip

  • Bring health documents – While not always needed, it’s a good idea to carry your pet’s vaccination records and any other relevant documentation just in case.
  • Hydrate and stay cool – Cabo can get hot, especially for our furry friends. Always have fresh water on hand and seek out shady spots to rest.
  • Know local vet info – Know where the nearest vet clinic is. In case of any health concerns, you’ll want to act fast.
  • Respect local guidelines – Some areas have specific rules for pets. Always keep a leash handy and clean up after your pet.

Wrapping Up

Traveling to Cabo with a dog
Cabo is a great place for a pawesome vacation!

Los Cabos with a dog isn’t just doable – it’s delightful! The blend of deluxe pet-friendly hotels offering special menus, more casual canine retreats, pet services and welcoming vibe of the locals make it a fantastic getaway for pet owners.

Whether lounging at your resort, playing in the waves on sun-drenched beaches or exploring the streets of town, your canine companion will be right at home in this Mexican paradise.

So pack the treats, grab the leash and set off for a dog-friendly adventure in Los Cabos!

And if you have a good vet or dog walker recommendation or other tip for enjoying Cabo with a dog, please share that in the Comments section below!

Visiting Cabo with a dog

Planning your trip to Cabo?

Here are our favorite travel resources:

  • Resorts: is great for scoring a “wow” hotel in Cabo – or at least a decent one. (We especially like their flexible cancellation policy!)
  • Vacation homes, condos and rentals: We prefer and use Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner).
  • Tours: For the best local guided tours in Cabo, see Viator and GetYourGuide.
  • Car rental: Renting a car in Los Cabos is one of the best ways to explore. Discover Cars searches car rental companies so you get the best rates.
  • Travel insurance: SafetyWing is designed for frequent travelers, long-term adventurers and digital nomads. It covers medical expenses, lost checked luggage, trip interruption and more. We also have and recommend Medjet for global air medical transportation and travel security.

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