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12 Best Beach Clubs in Cabo San Lucas for Sun + Fun

So, you’re going on vacation to Los Cabos! (Or maybe you’re spending a day in Cabo on a cruise?)

How exciting! We adore the place and have gone so often that it feels like our own playground.

Cabo offers loads of really unique things to do.

But you’re on a sand-and-sea vacation, so you should spend at least one day using a Cabo San Lucas beach club day pass. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your holiday.

There are several Cabo hotels located on great swimming beaches. Many of these hotels have beach clubs offering day passes to outside guests.

You’ll also find independent beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas and elsewhere in Los Cabos.

As regular visitors to Cabo, we’ve checked out all the following beach clubs for you. (Okay, and for us.) And these are, hands down, the tops in the area.

Oh, and if you’re worried about safety, you’ll be fine (except maybe for a hangover and sunburn). Just be aware of how much you drink, go with a friend (or friends) and never leave your drinks unattended. (But this is just good advice anywhere in the world.)

So, without further ado, let’s go beach clubbing!

The SUR Beach House is one of the best beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas.
Who’s up for a day at the beach? (Credit: SUR Beach House)

Note: All prices are in US dollars.

12 Best beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas

Medano Beach is the most popular swimming beach in Cabo. It’s the place to go for lots of fun water activities. Flyboarding anyone?

It’s also where most of the best beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas are located – and you can get day passes to spend some beach time here in style.

Day passes allow you check out different resort beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas.
Day passes allow you check out different resort beach clubs

Some of these Medano Beach clubs are full-on party scenes, which is fun for a day or two.

Then, when you need a quieter place to recover, head to clubs #8 and #9, which are the furthest away from the Marina at the more peaceful end of Medano Beach.

(Or if you really want to get away, go to clubs #10 and #11 in San Jose del Cabo or #12.)

Expect to shell out upwards of $100 p.p. for swankier beach clubs (often with some credit toward food and drinks). But we’ve included a few less pricey ones here too.

Freelance beach vendors

As well as permanent beach clubs, you’ll also find freelance vendors who walk up and down Medano Beach, renting out Tommy Bahamas umbrellas and chairs. The going price averages 300 MXN (Mexican pesos) or about $18 USD for an umbrella and $10 USD for two Tommy Bahamas chairs.

1) Bagatelle Los Cabos

Bagatelle Los Cabos is one of a collection of French-branded Bagatelle restaurants and beach clubs located in Mykonos, St. Barts, Bodrum (Turkey) and elsewhere around the world.

It’s classy – and ideally located at the corner of the Marina and Medano Beach.

Bagatelle is one of the best beach clubs on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas
Bagatelle is all about sun, sand, sea and good times

Pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the joie de vivre at this happening beach club – one of the best Cabo beach clubs for laughter and good times.

If you’re lucky, you can lie out on a full beach bed on the sand, underneath a white umbrella. Otherwise, there are several tables and chairs, as well as a restaurant area.

There’s also a small pool for taking a dip.

Bagatelle Beach Club cost

  • Cost: No cover charge for now (we recently asked), but you’re expected to eat and drink
  • Includes: Beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Hours: 11:00 am to 1:00 am
  • To book: Reserve here through Bagatelle’s website or call +52-624-125-5006.

Bagatelle, Cabo: Google location

2) SUR Beach House

Come on in! The beaching is peachy here (Credit: SUR Beach House)

Bahia Hotel & Beach House is one of the coolest boutique Cabo hotels.

Its creators designed SUR Beach House to feel more like a chilled-out house on the beach (hence the name) than a see-and-be-seen Cabo beach club. Although, somehow, they managed to make it both.

It’s uber chic, yet casual. You can wear heels or go sans shoes, and feel at home either way.

Spend the day vibing to the DJ or live music. Eat fresh fruit plates and oysters, and sip rosé until your stomach is content.

And then, since you’re at a beach club on Medano Beach, take full advantage of the water sports activities – no need to worry about thrashing waves.

Sur Beach Club cost

  • Cost: $100 p.p. (complimentary for hotel guests)
  • Includes: Beach chairs and a credit of $100 p.p. toward food and drinks for the day
  • Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • To book: Call +52-624-143-1890.

Sur Beach Club, Cabo: Google location

3) Breathless Beach Club

Breathless Cabo San Lucas is an all-inclusive resort for adults only, with not one but two Insta-worthy infinity pools. It offers resort day passes.

Pool party with dancers in bikinis at Breathless Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas
You can enjoy a rockin’ pool party at Breathless (Credit: Breathless Cabo San Lucas)

As a hotel or beach club guest, you can choose from melting into the chaise lounges on the beach or floating in a pool. Either way, you’ll have epic views of the Sea of Cortez.

With DJs, a nightly pool party and a swim-up bar, you can probably imagine the party atmosphere at the Breathless Beach Club.

Most nights, they have theme parties or live shows. Things like bubble parties with dancers are not to be confused with their bubbly soirees known as Carnival of Champagne parties.

If you want to stay at a resort with one of the best party beach clubs on Medano Beach, look no further.

But if you just want to go there for the day, book ahead, as it gets hopping.

Breathless Beach Club resort day passes

  • Cost: $150 p.p. (extra charge for private cabanas)
  • Includes: Pool or beach chairs, unlimited food and drinks, complimentary towels, free WiFi and valet parking
  • Hours: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • To book: Phone +52-624-104-9500 on location or 1-855-652-7328 from the U.S. or Canada and ask for the Concierge. (Or you can email [email protected].)

Breathless Beach Club, Cabo: Google location

4) Mango Deck Beach Club

Beach chairs under orange and green umbrellas at Mango Deck, Cabo San Lucas
Which of these beach chairs has your name on it?

In the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Mango Deck Beach Club is a stand-alone independent beach bar, restaurant and club on Medano Beach.

So don’t go there looking for a good night’s sleep (unless you don’t mind snoozing on one of the chaise lounges). It’s all about the party vibes here and it’s insane during spring break.

There’s daily live music from mariachis to DJs, all-day 2-for-1 drinks and a variety of live shows and entertainment, depending on when you’re there.

It’s cheap and cheerful – and the perfect setting for breathtaking views of Land’s End, right where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. (Land’s End is also home to Lover’s Beach and the famous Arch of Los Cabos.)

Mango Deck cost

  • Cost: There’s no cover charge.
  • Includes: Since there is no cover, all food and drinks are on you.
  • Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • To book: Call +52-624-144-4919. Or you can email them at [email protected]. Another option is to message them through their Mango Deck Cabo Facebook (Or just go and plunk yourself down at an empty chair.)

Mango Deck Beach Club, Cabo: Google location

5) Billygan’s

Another stand-alone Medano Beach club, Billygan’s is known about town for its tasty morsels.

Billygan's Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas
Find your happy place at this Medano Beach club (Credit: Tom Buseck)

Everything is freshly made, with fresh seafood on the menu. Dishes like ceviche and tiradito are all prepared using the local catch.

This beach club is definitely food-focused, but that doesn’t mean you should leave after eating.

Spend the day sipping fresh fruit margaritas – joining in one of their games or activities throughout the day, or just chilling on a beach bed and enjoying the gorgeous ocean views of Cabo San Lucas Bay in a vibrant atmosphere.

Billygan’s, Medano Beach: Cost

  • Cost: The minimum spend is $25 p.p., so as long as you eat and drink, there’s no fee.
  • Includes: The $25 p.p. includes a lounge chair and umbrella.
  • Hours: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • To book: Call +52-624-144-3908

Billygan’s Beach Club, Cabo: Google location

6) Corazon Beach Club

Corazon Beach Club (previously the Cachet Beach Club) is part of the sleek and chic Corazon Cabo Resort and Spa, and it’s the largest beach club on Medano Beach.

It’s also one of the hottest beach clubs in Los Cabos.

Entrance sign for Corazon Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas
Welcome to Corazon Beach Club!

Rent a private cabana or beach bed for the day, and you’ll be pampered without being pestered.

The understated elegance of the beach club, with its DJ playing chilled-out lounge music, is the perfect spot to try their locally sourced and creative sushi.

They’re famous for it, so when in Rome, right? Or Cabo?

Two young women lounging at Corazon Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas
Sushi and champagne? Sounds good to us! (Credit: Corazon Beach Club)

Not into sushi? Don’t worry.

Have their Baja fish tacos while sipping an “El Pepino” – tequila, Cointreau, cucumber, serrano and lime. And when you need a little snooze, drift away on a super thick and comfy daybed for two in the shade.

Corazon Beach Club, Cabo, passes

  • Cost: $50 p.p. for an umbrella and chaise lounge
  • Includes: Your $50 goes toward food and beverages.
  • Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • To book: You can call +52-624-105-1794 or 1-800-753-5069.

Corazon Beach Club, Medano Beach: Google location

7) Taboo Beach Club

Pool and beach at Taboo Beach Club on Medano Beach
For live music, good times and a swank spot on Medano Beach, it’s hard to beat Taboo Beach Club (Credit: ME Cabo)

Taboo Beach Club, in the ME Cabo hotel on Medano Beach, has an exclusive atmosphere with a party vibe.

Listen to the resident DJs spinning uber-cool beats in the sophisticated boho space, as you chill on your sunbed wearing your itty-bitty bathing suit.

It’s one of the more high-end Cabo San beach clubs. Go for their drool-worthy Mediterranean cuisine and splash it back with bottles of bubbly.

Taboo Beach Club, ME Cabo

  • Cost: Sunbeds start at about $115 per person and go up.
  • Includes: During the week, beach beds are $115 (2,000 Mexican pesos or MXN) p.p. and $57 (1,000 MXN) goes toward food, drinks and hookahs. On the weekends, the prices go up to $143 (2,500 MXN) with a $72 (1,250 MXN) credit.
  • Hours: 11:00 am to 1:00 am
  • To book: Call +52-624-167-1073 or email [email protected] 

Taboo Cabo: Google location

8) Tabasco Beach Bar & Restaurant

Come here for the tastiest tacos in Cabo and stay for the day.

Tabasco is one of the best beach bars in Cabo San Lucas for an affordable and laid-back experience, so go early and grab a lounger.

Beach chairs and tables in the sand at Tabasco Beach Restaurant and Bar in Cabo San Lucas
Tabasco is one of the quieter, more laid-back beach clubs on Medano Beach (Credit: Tabasco Beach Bar)

As long as you’re eating and drinking, the beach chairs in the row in front of the restaurant are free. But if you want an umbrella, it’s 300 MXN pesos (about $18 USD).

This is a no-frills beach club. There’s no scene. No live music. Just unadulterated views of the sea from the heart of Medano Beach.

Tabasco Beach Club cost

  • Cost: Beach loungers are free, but it costs $18 for an umbrella if you want shade.
  • Includes: You’re expected to spend money eating and drinking.
  • Hours: The beachfront bar is open daily.
  • To book: First come, first served (and the lie-down lounge chairs go fast when Cabo is busy).

Tabasco Beach Bar & Restaurant: Google location

9) No-name pop-up beach club

If visiting Cabo in January or February or any other high-season month, chances are this pop-up beach club will be open.

There is no official name or sign, so look for a green wooden stand on the beach just beyond the Tabasco Beach Restaurant (#8).

The enterprising gentleman who runs this “club” rents out a motley selection of white plastic loungers, Tommy Bahamas-style foldable beach chairs and brown umbrellas. It’s nothing fancy, but for the price, who cares?

When you’re hungry, he’ll bring you food and drinks and place them on a wooden crate that serves as your table. It’s like having a rustic picnic on the beach, but you don’t need to bring a thing.

Pop-up beach club on Medano Beach

  • Cost: $35 for an umbrella and two chairs
  • Includes: The umbrella and two beach chairs
  • Hours: Whenever the vendor feels that it’s worth setting up shop
  • To book: You can’t book. Just walk along Medano Beach, past Tabasco Beach (#7 above), and stand there looking like you want some help. If the vendor is around, he’ll come over to set you up.

Best beach clubs in San Jose del Cabo

10) El Ganzo Beach Club (El Ganzo de Playa)

Run by Hotel El Ganzo, this Cabo beach club is found on Ganzo Beach in San Jose del Cabo (the other main town in Los Cabos).

El Ganzo Beach Club in San Jose del Cabo
El Ganzo Beach Club is one of our favorite beach clubs for escaping the crowds

Just as San Jose del Cabo is quieter than Cabo San Lucas, the El Ganzo Beach Club (El Ganzo de Playa) is more chill than the beach clubs on Medano Beach.

If you have a rental car, it’s easy to get to. Otherwise, a taxi will do just fine.

It’s definitely worth the drive because it’s one of the more secluded San Jose del Cabo beach clubs. The beach club never feels crowded, so you won’t be listening to your neighbor’s convo over the waves.

It’s on a swimmable beach, so you can safely swim in the ocean here too.

The hotel itself is stunning. It’s unique, artsy and one of our favorite places to stay in Los Cabos.

You can even up your Cabo beach club day pass game by going for a Rooftop Day Pass.

This pass entitles you to lounge by the hotel’s amazing rooftop infinity pool and glass hot tub.

Hotel El Ganzo's infinity pool
Hotel El Ganzo’s infinity pool

From this rooftop perch, you get mind-blowing views of boats puttering to and from the Puerto Los Cabos Marina and of the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez below.

Oh, and it’s adult-only at the rooftop pool. A Rooftop Day Pass gives you access to the beach club as well.

Beach days don’t get much better!

El Ganzo Beach Club day pass

  • Beach club cost: 1,000 MXN (about $60 USD) per adult and 500 MXN (about $30 USD) per child aged 5 to 12 for the El Ganzo de Playa Day Pass
  • Includes: You get beach chairs and a credit of 800 MXN (about $47 USD) per adult toward food and beverages.
  • Rooftop pass: If you opt for the Rooftop Day Pass, it costs 1,600 MXN per adult (about $93 USD) per adult, of which 1,400 MXN (about $81 USD) can be applied toward food and drinks.
  • Hours: The beach club is open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The rooftop hours are 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • To book: Neither the beach club nor the rooftop pool take reservations. Call +52-624-104-9000 a couple of hours before planning on going to check availability. 

El Ganzo Beach Club, Los Cabos: Google location

11) Veleros Beach Club

Veleros Beach Club on El Ganzo Beach, Cabo
There’s lots of room on Ganzo Beach to chill out in peace and quiet (Credit: Veleros Beach Club)

One of the newest beach clubs in Los Cabos, Veleros Beach Club shares the same stretch of beach, Ganzo Beach, as #10 above. It opened in January, 2023. (We saw it being built.)

It’s also fairly swish, with beach chairs, peach umbrellas and breezy thatched-roof cabanas dotting their section of the beach.

When you’re hungry, you can eat on your beach chair, or move to a table in the restaurant area and have lunch with your feet in the sand. (That’s also the case at El Ganzo Beach Club.)

Signature cocktails include their “Mago Loco” (with tequila, fresh coconut water, homemade orange liqueur, lime juice and saline foam) and “Matcha” (with Junmai sake, matcha tea, pineapple juice and horchata syrup).

Food items range from oysters and slow-cooked pork sliders to the catch-of-the-day, marinated in achiote and baked in a roasted banana leaf.

Eat, drink and be happy at this beach club in San Jose del Cabo (Credit: Veleros Beach Club)

Veleros Beach Club cost

  • Cost: Sunbed rental 1,400 MXN or Mexican pesos p.p. (about $83 p.p.); Cabana day pass 1,900 MXN p.p. (about $112 p.p.)
  • Includes: Most of your rental cost is applied as a credit toward food and drinks.
  • Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • To book: Call +52-624-217-3745

Veleros Beach Club, San Jose del Cabo: Google location

Other great Los Cabos beach clubs

12) Enclave Beach Club

Hilton's Enclave Beach Club in Los Cabos
Enclave Beach Club on Playa Bledito (Credit: Hilton Los Cabos)

Got a thing for swanky cabanas and great food that’s as Instagrammable as it is delicious? Then check out the Enclave Beach Club.

Part of the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, this posh Los Cabos Beach Club hugs Tequila Cove Beach (aka Playa Bledito) on the Tourist Corridor that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

With wooden floors, carpets and design loungers, its oceanfront cabanas are perfect for serious lounging. (Or you can settle into a poufy bean bag chair.)

Boardwalks mean you can strut your stuff without burning your tootsies on the hot sand.

A private beach cabana (Credit: Hilton Los Cabos)

Add to that killer views of the ocean and staff who know how to make your day extra special. It’s pure beachy bliss.

The beach is also swimmable, making this beach club a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Enclave Beach Club day pass

  • Cost: Cabana rentals start at $90 for pool and beach cabanas for 2 people and go up to $250 for cliffside ocean cabanas.
  • Includes: The cost includes a significant credit toward food and drinks.
  • Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • To book: Call +52-624-145-6500 or email [email protected]

Enclave Beach Club, Cabo: Google location

Last words on the best beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is a beach paradise, but you have to be picky about where you lay your towel if you’re fussy about the scene.

For the ultimate Cabo beachside vacation, pick a new beach club for every day of the week. Sounds like the perfect plan to us!

Just be sure that you throw a couple of swimsuits into your suitcase when you pack for Cabo. And you’ll be all set!

Have you been to any beach clubs in Cabo?

Which one is your fave? You can let us know in the Comments section below…

Best beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas

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