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5 Best Farm-to-Table Cabo Restaurants

Do you fancy a unique dining experience in Los Cabos to engage completely with the local food scene and champion sustainability?

We think your answer is probably “yes” – which is why we want to let you know about the best farm-to-table Cabo restaurants!

Farm-to-table dining is a concept that was introduced to this Los Cabos resort area several years ago by the Flora Farms restaurant (discussed below).

It’s about eating at restaurants right on farms themselves – perhaps even picking veggies and herbs or doing a cooking class beforehand.

The food is usually organic and made using produce grown and protein raised on the farm itself (or on neighboring farms).

Farm to table restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
For some of the best dining in Cabo, you can’t beat its farm-to-table restaurants (Credit: Flora Farms)

Cabo: Farm-to-table restaurants

There are now five Los Cabos farm-to-table restaurants worth celebrating.

We make sure to visit one or two every time we vacation in Cabo (we typically visit at least once a year). 

They’re a bit different from the area’s excellent Mexican taco places. But it’s nice to mix it up, right? (We always like trying a variety of eateries in Cabo.)

Anyway, all of the following restaurants feature sustainable food made with fresh ingredients, offering a high-quality dining experience. 

So if you’re looking for dining with a difference, here’s all you need to know about farm-to-table in Cabo San Lucas!

1) Flora Farms

Busy tables with lots of diners at Flora Farms
Flora Farms is a popular spot, so you need to make reservations

Flora Farms brought the farm-to-table concept to Cabo. If you only dine at one of these sustainable eateries while you’re here, you’ll probably want to make it this one!

It’s about 24 miles from Cabo San Lucas town and some three miles from San Jose del Cabo.

After driving the last stretch of bumpy dirt road to this farm and restaurant, you’ll step into a whole other world of gardens brimming with yellow sunflowers and twinkling lights (at night). 

Sprawling over 25 acres, the establishment is first and foremost an organic farm, producing their own vegetables and herbs.

And at its heart sits the Flora Fields Restaurant.

It has a seasonal menu offering a range of tantalizingly tasty dishes, depending on what’s currently in season. 

A sample of the seasonal Flora Farms menu
A sample of the seasonal Flora Farms menu

What tickles your taste buds?

Fresh Neopolitan-style pizza? (There are 15 varieties!)

Sample Flora Farms pizza menu
Sample Flora Farms pizza menu

Or would you like sandwiches made with thick-cut bacon on sourdough bread, freshly baked that morning? Homemade gnocchi that’ll transport you straight to Italy?

Or a thick juicy organic pork chop with an heirloom tomato salad?

Whatever you choose, your mouth will start to water as soon as you open Flora’s Field Kitchen menu. 

Pizza with spinach at Flora Farms
Mmmm… From the fresh-made burrata cheese to the wood-oven pizzas, Flora Farms nails farm-to-table dining in Los Cabos (Credit: Flora Farms)

The menu isn’t huge. But there’s something for all dietary requirements, whether you’re a vegan, veggie fan or meat lover.

As for drinks, you’ll find a delectable mix of drinks, like margaritas made with local fruit and Bloody Marys full of veggies produced on the farm. 

Try the Farmarita, a tequila and carrot juice concoction.

Artisanal cocktails at Flora Farms
The artisanal cocktails at Flora Farms are always a treat

Flora Farms is ideal for a treat dinner or date night.

If you visit a bit earlier during the day, you can also explore the farm on a guided tour.

A knowledgeable guide will happily answer all of your questions about the farm-to-table concept – and how the Flora Farm grocery grew to be one of the best table-to-farm restaurants in the world, according to Forbes

Don’t want to drag yourself away?

You don’t have to!

Cottages are available on-site to rent. Stay in one of these “culinary cottages” and you’ll experience a side of Baja California Sur that many tourists don’t encounter. 

Flora Farms, Cabo San Lucas: See Google location

2) Acre

Entrance stairs to Acre Restaurant, San Jose del Cabo
Stairs leading up to the entrance of Acre restaurant

Just over the river from San Jose del Cabo, that same stretch of bumpy road that takes you to Flora Farms also leads to Acre.

It’s another one of the best farm-to-table Cabo restaurants. 

In fact, it’s not just one acre, but a whole 25 acres, with palm trees and tropical plants sprinkled around the stunning location.

Lit by candles and with seating areas surrounded by swaying palm fronds, this open-air restaurant is a must-visit for fans of high-end dining. Heat lamps keep you warm on colder Cabo evenings.

Any trip to Acre Resort should start by visiting the sanctuary for rescued and abandoned animals.

Rescued donkey at Acre sanctuary in Los Cabos
This old rescued donkey was looking to be petted by us!

Pet the donkeys, say hello to the pygmy goats, spot the camel and find the roaming peacocks!

You have to go before 5:00 pm, though, as this is when the sanctuary closes – then you could go for dinner after.

Baja oysters at Acre restaurant
Everything we ate at Acre was delicious! (Credit: Acre)

But before tucking into the food, treat yourself to some mouthwatering artisanal cocktails.

La Tierra del Acre is the resort’s own brand of award-winning mezcal, made in the Oaxaca and Durango regions of Mexico. Sip on a glass of mezcal. (It’s the latest thing, and when it’s proper mezcal, it tastes really good!)

Or if you prefer your mezcal mixed, try the ginger mezcalita – made with poblano chili liqueur, ginger syrup, cold-pressed pineapple juice and lime.

After sampling this (and tasting more mezcal drinks on our most recent December and January Cabo visit), we think we’re now more into mezcal than tequila!

Mezcal cocktail at Acre restaurant
Acre has their own brand of mezcal for making Mexican cocktails

When it’s time to eat, order the cheddar biscuits with honey to nibble on while you peruse the dinner menu.

Dishes blend local ingredients with global flavors.

For appetizers, we chose the Baja oysters with citrus ponzu and tuna tiradito.

For an entrée, you can gorge on braised short rib with French potato puree (the best!), sample roasted suckling pig or feast on fresh fish with a Molcajete sauce.

For dessert, the vegan and gluten-free cheesecake is adored even by those without dietary restrictions. Or try something unique like the beetroot sorbet or corn bruleé. 

If you have any dietary requirements, let the staff know when you arrive and they’ll gladly point out the best options for you.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free can all be catered to without a hassle while still enjoying the same fine dining experience. 

Outside dining at Acre restaurant, San Jose del Cabo
Outside dining at Acre

And like Flora Farms, Acre offers accommodation too.

Indeed, you can actually stay in a very sassy treehouse! Unique Cabo experiences don’t get much cooler than this!

Acre, San Jose del Cabo: See Google location

Acre vs. Flora Farms for dinner?

Tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, they’re the two most popular farm-to-table restaurants in Cabo. You may wonder: Flora farms vs. Acre, which is better for dining?

Largely, it depends on what you’re looking for.

Acre is more of a fine-dining establishment. Dishes like oxtail tamales and shrimp ragu fettuccini are higher-end, patrons usually wear fancier clothes and it’s not suitable for kids.

Flora Farms, in contrast, has a more casual atmosphere. Families are welcome (along with well-behaved dogs!), it’s famous for its pizza and there’s live music every night.

Neither is really better than the other, though. They’re both perfect for special occasions, and we love both.

Our advice? Don’t choose – go to Acre one night and Flora Farms another!

(Ladies: When packing for your Cabo vacation, throw in a cute sundress, nice capris or other “casually elegant” outfit for eating out at these places. People tend to dress up a bit at both Flora Farms and Acre.)

3) Los Tamarindos

Sign to Los Tamarindos restaurant, San Jose del Cabo
Welcome to Los Tamarindos!

The stomping ground of Chef Enrique Silva, Los Tamarindos is probably the most historic organic farm restaurant in Los Cabos.

The farmhouse has a long history stretching back to the 19th century, when the grounds were used to grow sugar cane. 

Nowadays, the eatery retains its rich history while providing a modern dining experience, both in terms of service and quality.

Los Tamarindos has an authentic hacienda-style feel.
Los Tamarindos has an authentic hacienda-style feel

There are actually two destinations of Los Tamarindos in San Jose del Cabo (and one in Tulum). 

If you don’t fancy venturing out of town (perhaps you’re staying in San Jose del Cabo and don’t want to drive) you could visit the downtown venue.

However, if you’re able to, we highly recommend making the short journey to the original Los Tamarindos farm site for an authentic farm experience. 

The sandy road to Los Tamarindos farm
The sandy road to Los Tamarindos farm

They raise their own chickens and quails for the eggs and meat. And the local produce served depends on what crops are currently in season.

The fish is fresh-caught that day by independent fishermen.

Los Tamarindos is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So whether you fancy starting your day with banana pancakes, attending their famous Sunday brunch or trying their sashimi of the day for dinner (and perhaps a guava pie for dessert!), you’ll be welcomed to this farm-to-table restaurant with open arms. 

Traditional Mexican food dishes at Los Tamarindos
You’ll find many traditional Mexican food dishes, but they’re given a creative twist (Credit: Los Tamarindos)

Los Tamarindos also offers cooking classes for budding chefs – or anybody who just wants to learn a little more about Mexican cuisine and the farm-to-table concept!

You’ll learn to create dishes like guacamole, Mexican ceviche, fresh tortillas (from corn kernels) and tamales. 

With private classes, you can pick what you want to make from an extensive menu. If you book a public class, you can vote for the meal to be made.

Los Tamarindos cooking class
Having fun in a cooking class (Credit: Los Tamarindos)

Dietary requirements can be catered to, and all classes include eating what you created (yum!) and a tour around the farm. 

Los Tamarindos Mexican farm-to-table: See Google location

4) El Huerto Restaurant

When comparing San Jose del Cabo with Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find most of the organic farm restaurants are in San Jose del Cabo.

But if you’re looking for the best farm-to-table restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, look no further than El Huerto.

It’s actually the only farm-to-table Cabo San Lucas restaurant, tucked away a short distance behind Costco on the edge of town.

Your table awaits! (Credit: El Huerto)

At El Huerto, you can experience the atmosphere of a hacienda (historically, haciendas were large estates in Latin America).

Open for farm visits, breakfasts and dinners, it’s one of the most sustainable venues in Cabo.

The El Huerto farm has a rainwater capture system for grey water and solar panels for energy. Compost is created from farm waste. 

It also has its own water purification system, creating drinkable water which reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles.

So, when you’re dining at the restaurant, you’ll know that you’re helping the planet – and enjoying a seriously tasty meal made from organic produce to boot!

Speaking of the food, what’s on the menu?

Well, you can wake up and wander over to find breakfast classics with their own unique twist, such as eggs benedict served on a doughy croissant. 

For dinner, Asian-Mexican fusion dishes are on offer.

You might like the glorious wild mussels (in chili, ginger and lemongrass) or the spinach-and-ricotta-cheese fritters to start.

For a main, try the grilled octopus (with hummus and chorizo) or the slow braised beef cheeks (with fettuccine and Swiss chard).

Dessert at El Huerto farm-to-table restaurant
From eggs to desserts, it’s all local and creative (Credit: El Huerto)

If you’re in a veggie mood, El Huerto’s ratatouille with eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and fresh basil may call out to you. Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly marked on the menu.

Fancy a nightcap after dinner?

Try some of El Huerto’s signature cocktails, such as the spicy “Lava-Guava” made with mezcal, fresh guava and citrus syrup, or a lychee martini with vodka and sweet lychee syrup – and toast to an excellent dinner at one of Cabo’s best restaurants! 

Drinks at El Huerto
Which of these creative drinks would you like to try? (Credit: El Huerto)

El Huerto farm-to-table restaurant: See Google location

5) Encanto, Farm & Sea 

While this isn’t technically a farm-to-table restaurant in Cabo, it has a similar concept – the food is brought fresh straight from the sea or farm to your table.

And the view and surrounding bougainvillea-adorned grounds are just as captivating!

Fresh local seafood at Encanto restaurant in Los Cabos
Listen to waves lapping on the beach while dining from Encanto’s ocean-to-table menu (Credit: Encanto)

Looking out over the Sea of Cortez, the Encanto farm-and-sea restaurant is located on the Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos, halfway between Cabo san Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

It’s part of the Mar del Cabo boutique hotel, one of the original hotels in the Los Cabos area. (If you’re wondering where to stay in Cabo and looking for a sweet boutique hotel that won’t break the bank, this is one to check out.)

There’s no farm on-site. But more than 90% of the ingredients used in every single dish come from local farms.

So when you dine here you can be sure that you’re supporting a sustainable and community-first project.  

For lunch, take a seat at a mosaic-tiled table on the restaurant patio. Or if you prefer, settle down into a beach chair on the sand under the shade of an umbrella.

Snacks and cocktails on the beach at Encanto, Los Cabos
Yes, snacks and a cocktail on the beach please! (Credit: Encanto)

Try flavorful fresh foods like creamy guacamole with cilantro straight from the garden, a spicy tuna poke bowl with sesame seeds and edamame, the shrimp tacos or a Moroccan-style chicken sandwich.

Creative cocktails are on the menu too. Favorites include a “Green Velvet” (made with gin, avocado, basil and grapefruit juice) and a white martini with vodka, lychee and rose syrup. 

Cocktails at Encanto, Los Cabos
A trio of cocktails (Credit: Encanto)

At night, the restaurant patio is lit by candles, and you can hear the ocean waves in the background. 

For dinner, you could start with the organic sweet-potato-and-quinoa pancakes with creamy aubergine, then move on to glazed pork belly with apple salad and a white bean ragout.

Or if you feel like fresh local seafood, maybe the jumbo shrimp with paella or grilled sea bass has your name on it?

Creamy shrimp aguachile at Encanto
This seaside Cabo restaurant is the place to for creamy shrimp aguachile and other organic food – all enjoyed with an ocean view (Credit: Encanto)

Whatever you pick though, it will be organic, fresh, local – and delicious!

Encanto restaurant: See Google location

Last words on the best farm-to-table Cabo restaurants

Whether you’re after wood-fired pizzas in a relaxed atmosphere, fine outdoor dining or fresh seafood with an ocean view, these farm-to-table Los Cabos restaurants completely hit the mark! 

Adding at least one to your Cabo trip itinerary is essential.

Of course, if you have the time, we recommend two or more.

Along with great food, each has its own character and style and will leave you with an unforgettable vacation memory.

Cabo farm-to-table restaurants, Mexico

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