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15 Best Souvenirs From Cabo (and Where to Buy Them)

Attention souvenir shoppers! Are you wondering what to buy in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

Well, you’re in luck.

We know that for many people, shopping is one of the most fun activities when vacationing in Cabo.

We’ve bought lots of cool souvenirs from Cabo over the years we’ve visited Los Cabos. And we can point you in the right direction!

From locally-crafted silver jewelry to handwoven textiles to fine tequila, this sun-drenched Mexican hotspot in Baja California Sur offers plenty of unique finds you’re sure to love.

There are many colorful souvenirs from Cabo you can buy!
You’re sure to find the perfect souvenir at one of the many markets and shops in Cabo

What to buy in Cabo San Lucas?

Below, you’ll find our list of the absolute best souvenirs from Cabo to help you make the most of your shopping spree.

Keep it handy when you’re strolling through the local markets and boutique shops!

Mexican pottery and ceramics in Cabo San Lucas
We love all the colorful Mexican pottery and ceramics in Cabo!

We’ve also shared our recommendations on specific stores where you can buy these gifts and souvenirs in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

(Be sure to also read the section on Where else to go souvenir shopping? at the end of this post! You’ll discover even more specialty stores, markets and best places to shop in Cabo for authentic Mexican souvenirs, mementos and gifts here.)

15 Best gifts and souvenirs from Cabo

1) Silver jewelry

It's fun shopping for silver jewelry in Cabo.
It’s fun shopping for silver jewelry in Cabo

Sparkling, stunning and oh-so-easy to pack – that’s what makes silver jewelry one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in Cabo San Lucas!

We can’t recall how many silver earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces we’ve bought in Cabo. (And that’s not to mention all the jewelry the females in our extended family have bought too when we’ve gone on family vacations).

Now, sterling silver typically has a silver content of 92.5%. (The remaining 7.5% is usually a blend of other metals, including copper.)

What’s sold on the beach by beach vendors is probably silver-plated. It’s a lot less expensive. You can bargain for a silver bracelet and probably get it for $30 USD.

So when buying silver in Cabo San Lucas, be aware of this.

Silver jewelry for sale at the Marina Mercado flea market in Cabo San Lucas
Silver jewelry for sale at the Marina Mercado flea market in Cabo San Lucas

Having said that, we’ve still picked up some very pretty pieces from beach vendors and at the markets. 

But if you’re looking for real sterling silver jewelry – you’re best off shopping in a jewelry store. And you have to be prepared to pay proper dollars (or pesos) for it.

Try Ayla Boutique and Silver Exposure, both in Cabo San Lucas.

Also, if you go on a day trip from Cabo to the artisan town of Todos Santos (about an hour’s drive away), you’ll find several silver jewelry shops selling gorgeous pieces.

2) Santo Cabo soap and toiletries

Jars of Santo Cabo body lotion
Body products made with love (Credit: Santo Cabo)

If you’re dining at Flora’s Field Kitchen (and you should include it in your trip itinerary, as it’s one of the top farm-to-table restaurants in Los Cabos!), pop into the Santo Cabo shop at Flora Farms.

It’s located near San Jose del Cabo.

You’ll find a delightful selection of facial soaps, aloe body lotion, lip balm, coffee body scrub, coconut oil products and other toiletries.

Santo Cabo was created by a couple who turned their passionate hobby into a business in Los Cabos. All of their body products are food-grade and made from natural ingredients sourced, as much as possible, from the local area.

They smell divine too!

They’re some of the nicest Cabo San Lucas gifts you can buy for a best girlfriend back home (or ladies, for yourself – as you deserve a treat too).

3) Tequila

A beautiful bottle of Clase Azul reposado tequila, hand-painted in cobalt blue (Credit: Clase Azul)

Tequila is a classic Mexican souvenir!

Made from the blue agave plant (which is native to Mexico), tequila is a must for making margaritas back home.

Clase Azul, Herradura and Don Julio are some good tequila brands to watch for when gift shopping in Cabo.

If you want to try some different tequilas before buying a bottle (or two), why not take a private tequila tasting tour?

There are many different tequila tours in Cabo, often combining activities like camel or horseback riding with tequila tasting.

But for a private tour focused just on tequila, the experience offered by Santos Destilados, a boutique tequila shop in Cabo San Lucas, is a great option. Their tequila tasting tours are 5-star rated.

You’ll learn all about the tequila making process from their friendly staff, how to drink Mexican tequila and the different types of tequilas – all while sampling handmade tequila varieties and nibbling on food pairings.

They offer free tastings too. But the private tour means you have an exclusive experience.

Of course, they sell tequila as well, so Santos Destilados is the ideal place for both tasting and buying!

San Jose del Cabo also has a Clase Azul store at the Shoppes at Palmilla.

We dare you to resist picking up one of their beautiful ceramic bottles of tequila, hand-painted by Mexican artisans.

4) Ceramics and Mexican pottery

Talavera pottery for sale in Cabo San Lucas
Talavera pottery for sale in Cabo San Lucas

Do you love colorful Mexican pottery?

Talavera pottery is a special type of ceramic pottery made in the Mexican state of Puebla. Typically hand-painted, it’s noted for its bold colors and intricate patterns.

The craft dates back to the colonial period, when it was introduced to Mexico by Spanish artisans. Genuine Talavera pottery is highly sought after.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Puebla to buy it.

You can find Talavera bowls, plates and cups at a few stores in Cabo, including Cobalto Pottery and Tile Shop.

A beautiful black-and-white pottery vase at Cobalto Pottery and Tile Shop in Cabo San Lucas
A beautiful vase at Cobalto (Credit: Cobalto)

Located in the downtown area of Cabo San Lucas, Cobalto sells other exquisite porcelain and ceramic pieces too – from vases to jewelry boxes.

So go ahead and add a touch of Mexican artistry to your home décor with Talavera pottery or other fine ceramics – this is a Cabo souvenir you won’t regret buying!

5) Beach cover-up or wrap

Colorful beach wraps and sarongs make great souvenirs from Cabo.
What sarong color do you like?

So you’re kicking back on your beach chair on Medano Beach – one of Cabo’s best swimming beaches – and you’re watching all the goodies that the beach vendors carry.

Then suddenly you spot a turquoise beach wrap. It’s the exact same color as your swimsuit. Of course, you want it!

Colorful beach wraps and sarongs are one of the best things to buy in Cabo San Lucas on the beach.

They’re so lightweight that you can easily fit several in your luggage.

Bargaining in Mexico is common. So don’t forget to haggle for a few extra wraps to bring back as gifts for the gals back home!

6) Mexican vanilla

Real Mexican vanilla makes a great souvenir from Los Cabos..
Mexico is one of the best places in the world to buy high quality vanilla

Vanilla is another great item to put on your Cabo San Lucas shopping list.

Vanilla? Yep!

Real Mexican vanilla is considered some of the best in the world, coveted by baking enthusiasts.

But beware, not all vanilla is created equal. If you’re eyeing that bottle of vanilla extract on a grocery or store shelf, it might be made with artificial flavoring and/or synthetic ingredients.

We’ve done some sleuthing and discovered you can buy real vanilla at the Walmart in Cabo. That’s where local expats buy their vanilla.

Or look for Orlando Vanilla. It’s a natural and pure vanilla product from Mexico.

7) Cigars

Cuban cigars at a store in Los Cabos
Cigar afficionados will want to buy a few Cuban cigars as gifts for themselves or others

Cigars cost much less in Cabo (and Mexico) than in the United States or Canada.

If you’re looking for real Cuban cigars, you’ll find them at J&J La Casa del Habano in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Prices still ain’t cheap for the top brands – you’ll have to shell out about $20 per cigar. But if you want to buy gifts from Cabo for your stogie-smoking friends (or yourself), this store is the place to hit.

J&J Habanos also sells top-shelf 100% blue agave tequilas.

8) Mexican blanket

A beach vendor in Cabo San Lucas, laden down with Mexican blankets
A beach vendor in Cabo San Lucas, laden down with Mexican blankets

Mexican blankets make great souvenirs from Mexico.

Admittedly, they’re somewhat tricky to pack. But we’ve managed to bring several home from our trips to Cabo.

Vendors on Medano Beach are often loaded down with blankets. It’s easy to buy one from them if you’re already on the beach.

Or check out one of the flea markets like Marina Mercado (discussed below).

9) Straw hats

We love this sunhat! (Credit: Corazon Playero)

Fancy picking up a stylish Panama hat, cowboy hat or hand-crafted straw hat?

You absolutely need a hat for sun protection in Cabo, so if you’ve forgotten to bring one down, be sure to buy one on location.

A nice Panama hat also adds a touch of flair to your beach outfit.

Again, you can buy hats from beach vendors or at one of the markets.

In San Jose del Cabo, Corazon Playero has a shop where its founder, Isabel Andrade, sells beautiful custom-designed and hand-made hats.

(We hear great things about her hats – and have looked at her collection online – though we haven’t personally seen her shop yet.)

10) Art

A colorful Frank Arnold painting (Credit: Frank Arnold Art)

If you’re wondering where to shop in Cabo for an authentic and special piece of art, the beautifully preserved Gallery District in San Jose del Cabo is home to many art galleries.

They showcase all sorts of interesting and unique paintings and sculptures from top Mexican and local artists. Two especially good galleries are the Frank Arnold Gallery and Galeria de Ida Victoria.

A fun time to browse the Gallery District is during the free Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo.

This extremely popular event takes place every Thursday evening between November and June. (We make a habit of going at least once every time we visit Cabo.)

11) Cabo T-shirts

When you’re out and about, having a good time, you’ll come across many T-shirts with “Cabo San Lucas” emblazoned on the front or back.

Some have a picture of a marlin. (One of the best places for marlin fishing, Cabo is known as the “Marlin Capital of the World.”)

Others have a picture of Cabo’s iconic rock Arch.

You’ll find long-sleeve T-shirts. And short-sleeve ones. Black ones and white ones. They come in a whole range of colors and styles! And they’re high quality.

Wearing one of these back home is a fun reminder of your trip.

Good places to pick up a T-shirt from Cabo are from the beach vendors, the markets (like Marina Mercado and Plaza Artesanos) and at the Puerto Paraiso mall (all covered in more detail at the end of this post).

12) Mexican salsa

Mexican salsa
Mmmm… Bring home some salsa!

Do you love the seafood tacos in Cabo? Do you spice them up with salsa?

Why not treat your taste buds to a burst of authentic Mexican flavor, and pick up a bottle of Mexican salsa to take home?

Made with smoked or dried chili pepper pods, they’re the ultimate Mexican condiment, adding flavor to almost any dish. You can get them ranging in “heat” from mild to spicy.

The most popular are salsa verde, made with tangy tomatillos, and the classic tomato-based salsa roja. But you can also find delicious varieties made with fruits, like mango and pineapple salsa.

Come to think of it, don’t just buy one. Bottles of salsa also make great gifts from Cabo San Lucas for your foodie friends.

13) Mexican coffee beans

Organic Mexican coffee makes a fantastic Mexican gift for yourself or friends back home.
Relish the flavor of Mexico back home with organic Mexican coffee

Listen up coffee lovers! Did you know Mexico is one of the world’s biggest producers of organic coffee beans?

Buy a bag of beans, and you can savor the rich flavors of small-farm organic coffee back home, long after you’ve said goodbye to Cabo.

Coffee also makes a fantastic Mexican gift that you can bring back for family, friends and colleagues. It’s a fail-proof choice that everyone will love.

We like the Cabo Coffee Company (located on the main square in Cabo San Lucas) and have enjoyed countless cups of “ordinary” coffee and specialty coffees there.

Their fun motto: “Death before Decaf!”

They buy their hand-picked organic beans from a family grower in Oaxaca (where premium Arabica coffee beans are grown at high altitudes) and roast them fresh every day in Cabo.

They also sell their coffee beans in specially made three-ply bags.

And if you decide you simply can’t do without your morning jolt of java from Cabo Coffee, you can even buy from their online store. They ship to the U.S.

14) Mezcal

Artisanal Mexican Mezcal makes a great souvenir to bring home from Cabo.
If tequila doesn’t do it for you, maybe bring artisanal Mexican Mezcal home instead as a souvenir from Cabo 

Mezcal is another one of the best Cabo San Lucas souvenirs worth bringing home.

Mezcal is similar to tequila, but has a smokier taste. It’s made from the hearts of agave plants, which are cooked in earthen pits lined with lava rocks, charcoal and wood. This process gives mezcal its distinct flavor.

Mezcal is becoming increasingly popular in North America, and you can impress your friends by serving them a shot of this up-and-coming spirit. (We discovered that we preferred mezcalitas over margaritas the last time we visited Cabo.)

High-quality brands of mezcal include Don Ramon Joven, Bozal Mezcal and Del Maguey.

15) Prescription drugs

Yellow sign for Viagra in a pharmacy window in Cabo San Lucas
Sign for Viagra in a pharmacy window in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re still wondering what to buy in Cabo San Lucas, how about prescription (or non-prescription) drugs?

You may not have considered medications as a souvenir to bring back from Cabo San Lucas, but hear us out. Once you realize how much you can save on prescription drugs, you’ll be adding them to your Cabo shopping list.

Many medications that require a prescription in the U.S. or Canada can be bought from pharmacies in Mexico without a prescription – and at a great price.

However, there are limits on bringing prescription drugs back to the U.S. or Canada (usually a three-month supply). So be sure to check the rules and regulations before making any purchases.

Where else to go souvenir shopping in Cabo San Lucas?

The Glass Factory

Stained glass display outside The Glass Factory, Cabo San Lucas
Stained glass display outside The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas is an especially fun and unique spot for souvenir shopping in Cabo.

It showcases a stunning array of handmade glass items, including vases, highball glasses and figurines, all crafted by skilled artisans.

Artisans making glassware at The Glass Factory, Cabo San Lucas
It’s fun to watch the artisans make glassware at The Glass Factory

Take a seat on the bleachers at the side and watch the glass blowing process up close. Then choose a piece of glass art to buy as a memento of your Cabo trip.

Even if you don’t plan on buying any glassware, it’s worth popping in here just to see the stained glass windows inside.


Blue-and-white pitchers and other Cabo San Lucas souvenirs for sale at Artesano's
You can pick up lots of kitchen and home décor items at Artesano’s

Cabo is an expensive resort area in Mexico.

But just outside of Cabo San Lucas town, the sprawling Artesano’s store is a great shopping destination for pewter, glassware, Mexican ceramics and home décor items – all at incredible prices.

You can’t bargain here, however. Not even a tiny bit. Prices are fixed.

Blue-and-white Mexican ceramic pots at Artesano's, Cabo San Lucas
More ceramics at Artesano’s

La Coyota

This place is another great find.

La Coyota offers some of the best shopping for one-of-a-kind Mexican handicrafts, dinnerware, table linens, home décor items, Day of the Dead figurines and traditional Mexican glassware.

It’s located in a hacienda-style home in a residential neighborhood, about a 15-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Marina Mercado

Sign pointing the way to the Marina Mercado market in Cabo San Lucas
Sign pointing the way to the Marina Mercado

Marina Mercado is a flea market found in the Cabo San Lucas Marina area.

It has been around for a good 20 years now and is another great place for finding souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas.

Check it out for Mexican folk art, bags, cotton beach blankets and other arts and crafts here.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

There are lots of places to buy souvenirs around the Cabo San Lucas Marina

Wander around the Cabo San Lucas Marina – where the sport fishing boats leave from early every morning – and you’ll find lots of souvenir shops, as well as two big shopping centers (Puerto Paraiso and Luxury Avenue, covered below).

Puerto Paraiso shopping mall

The Puerto Paraiso Mall is one of the best places to shop in Cabo San Lucas for clothing, gifts, souvenirs and more.
The Puerto Paraiso Mall is a good place to shop in Cabo San Lucas for pretty well anything you want to buy

Swimwear, sandals, sunglasses, hats, Mexican art and more. You name it, the Puerto Paraiso Mall has it!

Located along the Cabo Marina, it’s the main shopping hub in Cabo San Lucas – complete with a movie theater and new Chedraui grocery store (with higher-end food stuffs and specialty items, as well as some souvenir items).

We especially like the Fullsand beach wear and surfing accessories store there. If you need a rash guard to protect you from the sun while snorkeling or stand-up paddleboarding, or maybe a new swimsuit, this is your place.

Luxury Avenue

Luxury Avenue is the place to go in Cabo San Lucas to buy luxury brand goods.
Luxury Avenue is the place to go for luxury brand goods

This luxury boutique mall is next to and connect with the Puerto Paraiso Mall.

You can give your credit card a great work-out at high-end stores like Tag Heuer, Salvatore Ferragamo and Carolina Herera.

Strangely, though, we’ve found the mall is sometimes closed, even when the Puerto Paraiso Mall is open.

Plaza Artesanos

Over in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Artesanos is an indoor/outdoor mall that’s home to more than 75 stalls.

Some shops sell cheap trinkets and such, but you can also stumble upon local artisan stores selling genuine hand-crafted items.

It’s the perfect place when you want a one-stop Los Cabos shopping outlet that has a whole range of souvenirs and gifts.

Now you know what to buy in Los Cabos!

Yes, with its amazing beaches and activities like whale watching and sunset cruises, Cabo is a magnet for sun seekers, particularly in winter.

But it also has some great markets and exciting shopping.

Whether you’re looking for fun Cabo San Lucas gifts or high-quality souvenirs, we have no doubt you’ll love browsing and spending your money.

And you’re sure to find a special memento (or three!) as a keepsake of your Cabo vacay.

The best Mexican souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

Discover more of Los Cabos!

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