Why Some Beaches in Cabo are Unsafe

When planning a trip to Los Cabos, you need to know that many of its beaches aren’t safe for swimming.

Although the water sure looks inviting, sadly, not every beach is swimmable in Cabo.

Rip Tides

Not far from the shallow waters, these dangerous currents move water away from the shore, like an invisible undersea river.

Credit: Pueblo Bonito Resorts

Strong Waves

Steep drop-offs create monster waves which crash onto the shore and, obviously, don’t make for great swimming conditions.

Lack of Lifeguards

Not only does the lack of lifeguards mean you’re vulnerable, it may also be an indication that there are strong rip currents or other dangers.

The Unsafe Section

Beyond the Riu Santa Fe, Medano Beach is not safe for swimming. The surf can be strong here, with undertows and rips lurking beneath the water’s surface.

Tips to stay safe

Know the signs. Many Los Cabos beaches have different signs and flags that signal how safe (or not) the beach is for swimming.

Credit: Hotel El Ganzo

Go where the lifeguards are

If you’re unsure about where to swim safely, then it’s best to do so in areas that are overseen by lifeguards. Better safe than sorry.

Credit: Cabo Surf Hotel

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Photo: ME Cabo