The Best Activities and Cabo Weather by Month

Every time of year in Cabo has its draw for visiting. But generally (in our, ahem, expert view), the absolute best months to go Cabo are May, June, October and November.

If your priority is getting the best weather on location, then late spring and late autumn is the best time to visit Cabo – it’s very beach-friendly then and the best time for water sports.


January is the coolest time of year in Cabo. So pack a light jacket or sweater to ward off the chill. You’ll enjoy clear skies, as January has some of the lowest rainfall of the year.


Hooray for baby humpback whales! It is the month that the babies are the most active. Water temperatures remain on the cooler side.


March temperatures begin to warm up. For water activity lovers, be aware that while the outside weather in Los Cabos the water temperature falls to its lowest of the year at 70 F (21 C).


One of the driest months of the year, with almost no cloud cover. It’s the last month of the humpback whale season too, so if whale watching is on your wish list, you best hurry!


The best time to go to Cabo! The ocean water is starting to heat up, and with the warmer weather, you’ll be happy to spend lots of time at Cabo’s beach clubs and cooling off in the water.

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