Cabo San Lucas vs. San Jose del Cabo: Which is Better?

If you’re planning a trip to Los Cabos (and why wouldn’t you?), you need to know the difference between Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo – so you can decide which town is better for your vacation.

So, we are here to help you with this vacation destination debate. We’ve got you!

Cabo San Lucas in brief

Cabo is a buzzing city of 200,000. Its electric vibe and modernity in the downtown area reflect that it’s a well-trodden tourist hotspot.

San Jose del Cabo in brief

It’s a smaller city of about 135,000, and it’s 250 years older. But it’s more spread out, and renting a car if staying here isn’t a bad idea.

Swimming beaches

A more chill swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas is Lover’s Beach, near the iconic rock Arch (El Arco) at Land’s End.

El Ganzo Beach is also a great swimming beach in San Jose del Cabo. It has a beach club (El Ganzo Beach Club), but the scene is way more mellow than at the beach clubs on Medano Beach.

Snorkeling beaches

Two of the best snorkeling beaches in Los Cabos – Santa Maria Beach and Chileno Beach – are found on the Tourist Corridor. They’re a tad closer to Cabo San Lucas than to San Jose del Cabo.

5 favorite things to do in Cabo San Lucas

- Go whale watching - Take a water taxi boat to Land’s    End and Lover’s Beach - Walk around the Cabo San    Lucas Marina

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