Cabo Pulmo National Park Travel Guide: Play + Stay

Drive about two hours northeast of Los Cabos, and you come to wild, wonderful Cabo Pulmo on the unspoilt East Cape of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

Visiting Cabo Pulmo is one of the best Cabo day trips!

About Cabo Pulmo, BCS

Host to a living coral reef, Cabo Pulmo is a national marine park in the fertile Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California).

How to get to Cabo Pulmo

Renting a car The park is located about 62 miles north/northeast of Cabo San Lucas, and the drive to Cabo Pulmo takes about two hours.

Kayaking and snorkeling tour (Cabo Outfitters)

Cabo Outfitters offers a top-rated small-group kayaking and snorkeling tour to Cabo Pulmo.

Credit: Cabo Outfitters

Snorkeling tour (Cabo Adventures)

As you peer through your mask, you’ll spot all kinds of colorful fish, lobsters and maybe even sea turtles.

Two-tank scuba tour (Manta)

Explore the electric colors of the Cabo Pulmo reef on a fabulous two-tank scuba diving trip with Manta.

Best beaches in Cabo Pulmo

- Los Arbolitos Beach - Los Frailes Beach - Playa La Sirenita - Cabo Pulmo Beach

Credit High Tide Los Cabos

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