Best Tequila Tasting Tours in Cabo San Lucas

Tequila tasting in Cabo isn’t run of the mill. No boring tastings here! So, we’re going big in this tequila guide, because that’s how we do things.

So, when planning your trip, take a cue from the Romans and enjoy one of the following best tequila tasting tours in Cabo!

Credit: Don Julio Tequila

Shopping, snorkeling + tequila tour

We’d be thrilled to do any of these. But all three? Count us in! This fun day tour has got to be one of the best tequila tours. It’s like they are speaking our love language!

Credit: Esperanza’s Tours

Dinner cruise with shopping + tequila tasting

This 6-hour tour starts you right off with a tequila tasting. Then after you’re feeling a little skippy, you have time to shop for souvenirs, silver jewelry and art.

Credit: Esperanza’s Tours

Pancho’s Restaurant tequila tasting

This is probably the best tequila tasting in Cabo if you want a quick overview in a relaxed setting.

Credit: Pancho’s

ATV adventure with tequila tasting and Mexican lunch

This small-group desert tour takes you on an ATV through areas inaccessible to most cars and tour vehicles. Then after you get down and dusty in the desert, it’s time for a tequila tasting and a buffet lunch.

Credit: Cabo Adventures

Cabo tequila tasting program at Las Ventanas

On this private tour experience, you do a one-on-one blind taste test to learn your tequila style. And to find the one that best suits your palate and personality.

Credit: Las Ventanas

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Credit: Alma de Mexico