The Arch of Cabo San Lucas (+ 6 Best Tours to See It)

So you’re going on vacation to Cabo… One of the first things you want to see is the iconic rock Arch of Cabo San Lucas, right?

The fun glass-bottom boat tours to get there. The barking sea lions. The frigate birds riding the hot air updrafts like roller coasters, high above the cliffs.

Attractions at El Arco

The sight of Los Cabos’ famous Arch is awe-inspiring. But it’s more than just a stunning rock formation to gaze at. There are several other cool attractions to discover here too.

Credit: Cabo Outfitters

Lover’s Beach

Known as Playa del Amor by the locals, this secluded hideaway sits between the mainland and the Arch of Los Cabos and, like the Arch, is only accessible by boat.

Divorce Beach

Directly opposite Lover’s Beach, facing the rougher Pacific Ocean is this equally beautiful stretch of sand. Jagged rock formations guard the beach like sentries.

Sea lion colony

Cabo’s Arch isn’t just popular with tourists. Hanging out on a nearby wave-washed rocky platform (La Lobera or The Rookery) is an entire colony of sea lions.

Pelicans and sea birds

The rock formations which line Land’s End are the perfect resting place for a range of sea birds, including egrets, gulls, cormorants and brown pelicans.

Pirate’s Cave

Tucked away near the base of the picturesque Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a hidden cave that was once a clandestine haunt for pirates before the 1900s.

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