19 Unique Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Set at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo is a favorite Mexican hot spot for travelers (North Americans, in particular) who want to unwind, relax on the beach and (infamously) have a good time.

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But if you’re planning a trip to Cabo and would like a few unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas – apart from beaching – carry on reading!

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Ride a camel

Usually deserts spring to mind when you think “camel”, but here you’ll be trekking across the sands of some secluded Cabo San Lucas shoreline instead.

Credit: Cabo Adventures

Swim with whale sharks in Cabo

Calm waters and tropical fish are one thing when snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, but swimming with whale sharks is a whole other experience.

Drive a UTV in the desert

If you’re still looking for more adventurous things to do in Cabo after riding a camel and swimming with whale sharks, why not don a crash helmet and head for the hills on a UTV adventure?

Credit: Real Baja Tours

Go flyboarding on Medano Beach

Flyboarding is one of those cool things to do in Cabo San Lucas that you can brag about to your friends (if you’re into that). Because you can bet they haven’t tried it yet!

Cruise in an all-glass boat to Land’s End

You can spot abundant marine life swimming all around you as you cruise along the coastline.

Hike along a canyon to a waterfall

The trail follows a winding sandy riverbank in the Canyon of the Fox, which is strewn with giant granite boulders and shaded by soaring Mexican fan palms.

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