11 Best Things to Do in Cabo with Kids

Cabo is an ever-popular tourist destination, particularly for Canadian and American travelers.  It’s renowned for its weather, pristine beaches and nature.

When you start planning your trip to Cabo, you’ll see that there are countless reasons why this Mexican resort is an excellent choice for your family vacation. 

Cruise on a pirate ship

Complete with entertainment and games, your kids will be kept busy for the entire time they’re on board – whether they want to snorkel or not.

Take a surfing lesson at Cerritos Beach

Surfing in Cabo can be a little hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing and what to avoid. The instructor will give you full directions and be in the water with you all the time.

Get a kid’s spa treatment

Villa del Arco’s Desert Spa offers treatments like a Princess Manicure for kids and a Purifying Facial for teenagers – perfect for a relaxed afternoon.

Go whale watching on a Zodiac

Trying to spot the water breaking, you’ll glimpse whales blowing or slapping their tails down. If you’re lucky, you might even see a whale breach!

Credit: Cabo Expeditions

Ride a camel on the beach

The visit begins with meeting the various animals at the ranch, where you’ll be introduced to your camel before hopping up on the hump for your ride.

Credit: Cabo Adventures

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