10 Whale Tour That You Can Watch in Cabo San Lucas

Whales are the largest and arguably the most beautiful creatures in the sea. And the Cabo San Lucas area is a prime spot to see them.

Credit: Cabo Expeditions

Over the many years we’ve been visiting Cabo, we’ve gone on many different whale watching tours in Los Cabos – and we saw whales on all boat tours but one.

Credit: Cabo Expeditions

Zodiac Tour

The smaller Zodiac boat also means it can travel to areas that big boats can’t, giving you the chance to get up close and personal to these 40-ton giants, while still keeping a safe distance.

Credit: Cabo Expeditions

Small Boat Tour

Cabo Trek offers a completely immersive experience. You can see whales above water and on their underwater camera system, and you can hear them through their hydrophones.

Credit: Cabo Trek

Breakfast Cruise

What’s better than a large Mexican breakfast? A large Mexican breakfast with views of whales, of course! That’s just what Wild Cabo offers on this whale watching breakfast cruise.

Credit: Wild Cabo

Pirate-Themed Cruise

We bet the kids would love their breakfast on a pirate ship! Wild Cabo offers a whale watching breakfast tour aboard a pirate boat. How’s that for one of the coolest things to do in Cabo?

Credit: Wild Cabo

Educational Tours

They use fast boats that zip right to where the whales usually hang out, with full commentary from a marine biologist. Children under 13 aren’t permitted on this tour.

Credit: Whale Watch Cabo

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