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Visiting Cabo With Kids (Activities + Family Resorts)

Sitting at the bottom of the Baja California Peninsula – which kicks out from the north of Mexico into the Pacific Ocean – Cabo is an ever-popular tourist destination, particularly for Canadian and American travelers. 

It’s renowned for its weather, pristine beaches and nature.

It also has a rep for its nightlife and party scene (especially during Spring Break).

So what about visiting Cabo with kids?

What Los Cabos family activities are there? Is it even a suitable pick for vacationing with kids? 

We’ll answer all these questions here in this family Cabo travel guide!

Visiting Cabo with kids
Mom, Dad and the kids will all love a family vacation in Cabo!

Cabo with kids

If you’re visiting with family, your Cabo itinerary will look a bit different from an adult getaway – it might include pirate-themed snorkel adventures, family-friendly spa treatments, turtle rescuing and exhilarating 4×4 ATV tours. 

In fact, when you start planning your trip to Cabo, you’ll see that there are countless reasons why this Mexican resort is an excellent choice for your family vacation. 

Let’s dive in and see what family activities in Cabo San Lucas are all about!

Contents: Visiting Cabo with kids

11 Best Cabo activities for families

1) Cruise on a pirate ship

2) Take a surf lesson at Cerritos Beach

3) Get a kid’s spa treatment

4) Go whale watching on a Zodiac

5) Ride a camel on the beach

6) Swim at Medano Beach

7) Fly on a zipline

8) Take a glass-bottom boat ride to the Arch

9) Enjoy a beginners’ 4×4 ATV adventure

10) Release baby sea turtles

11) Go horseback riding

Some of the best family-friendly resorts in Cabo

2) Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

1) Garza Blanca Resort & Spa

3) Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

4) Chileno Bay Resort & Residences

FAQs: Visiting Los Cabos with kids

1) Is Cabo a good place for a family vacation?

2) Is Cabo safe for kids?

3) When’s the best time to visit Cabo with kids?

4) What foods can kids get in Cabo?

5) Any health advice for traveling to Cabo with kids?

6) What should you pack for a Cabo family vacation?

Heads up!

When we’re talking in this post about things to do in Cabo San Lucas with family, we don’t just mean activities right in the town of Cabo San Lucas.

We’re actually talking about all the family-friendly activities on offer in the whole resort area of Los Cabos (aka “Cabo”).

The area is made up of two towns – Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (plus the coastal Corridor between the towns).

11 Best things to do in Cabo with kids

1) Cruise on a pirate ship

Head out on a family-friendly swashbuckling adventure by cruising along the coastline of Los Cabos on a pirate ship! 

Red and yellow pirate ships in Cabo San Lucas
Your kids can imagine the pirate life on one of these buccaneer ships

It’s surely one of the most unique things to do in Cabo with kids. So unleash your inner Peter Pan on this family-friendly cruise

It’s also a snorkeling adventure, giving the whole family a chance to jump into the blue waters, but adds kid-focused excitement by taking place on a pirate ship. 

Complete with entertainment and games, your kids will be kept busy for the entire time they’re on board – whether they want to snorkel or not.

Plus, for parents and any adults or older kids in the group, the scenery is spectacular and the boat stops in Chileno Bay, which is one of the best snorkeling spots in Cabo. 

Paddleboards are also available to use, along with a rope swing to jump into the sea.

2) Take a surfing lesson at Cerritos Beach

When you think of Cabo San Lucas kids’ activities, surfing might not immediately spring to mind.

But, when you do a class with a trained instructor, it can very much be a family-friendly activity. 

Teenager surfing at Cerritos Beach
Kids can learn to surf at Cerritos Beach (Credit: High Tide Los Cabos)

This top-rated surfing experience is suitable for anyone over six – ideal if you have ocean-loving kids! 

Surfing in Cabo can be a little hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing and what to avoid.

But on this tour, a certified surf instructor will take you to Cerritos Beach (Playa Cerritos), a surf-friendly beach for newbies located along the Pacific Coast. The instructor will give you full directions and be in the water with you all the time. 

It’s certainly one of the most exhilarating Cabo water activities

These surfing lessons include surfboard and wetsuit rentals, professional instruction, round-trip transportation from Cabo and lunch. They’re available throughout the winter months. 

3) Get a kid’s spa treatment

Is getting some pampering at a spa one of your favorite things to do on vacation? 

Good news: You don’t have to give this luxury up when looking for family things to do in Cabo San Lucas. 

In fact, there are a range of wonderful spas in Cabo, and many of them have treatments designed just for kids! 

A mom-and-daughter spa treatment in Los Cabos
A mom-and-daughter spa treatment

Villa del Arco’s Desert Spa offers treatments like a Princess Manicure for kids and a Purifying Facial for teenagers – perfect for a relaxed mother/daughter afternoon.

And at the spa at Esperanza Resort, kids can get chocolate facials and massages which focus on helping children to relax and get a better night’s sleep. This could be an especially appealing option if you have an early start the next day! 

Choose your treatment from the standard spa menu and sit next to your daughter as you’re both pampered. 

4) Go whale watching on a Zodiac

Whale watching has to be one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas with kids who are curious!

Looking out, trying to spot the water breaking, you’ll glimpse whales blowing or slapping their tails down.

If you’re lucky, you might even see a whale breach!  (This is when they jump out of the water, back arching.)

Zodiac whale watching tour in Cabo
A Zodiac whale watching tour in Cabo (Credit: Cabo Expeditions)

To make the experience even more thrilling, head out in an agile Zodiac.

We highly recommend Cabo Expeditions for whale watching; we’ve done a few tours with them and loved their whale-watching Zodiac excursion.

You’ll sail out into the Sea of Cortez and look for orcas (killer whales), humpback and gray whales, as well as dolphins and sea lions.

It’s a small-group tour, with just 15 passengers in a Zodiac.

This means the guide has more time to answer any questions. They’ll also explain what to be on the look-out for and what particular whale signals (such as lob-tailing and fin-slapping) mean. 

One of the best things about doing this tour by Zodiac? The engine is much quieter.

As a result, you can travel much closer to the wildlife without disturbing them (while keeping the required distance from them).

The whales aren’t distressed by noise, and you can see them much more clearly from the small Zodiac – it’s a win-win! 

Passengers on a Cabo Expeditions whale watching trip pass by the iconic rock Arch
Visitors on a Cabo Expeditions whale watching trip pass by the iconic rock Arch

5) Ride a camel on the beach

How does an an exciting camel ride sound? Yep, Cabo has camels.

They’re not native to the area, of course.

But at Cabo Adventure’s new Tierra Sagrada ranch (about a 45-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas town), you’ll find a sanctuary for about 20 Dromedary (one hump) and Bactrian (two hump) camels.

Guests riding camels on the sand in Cabo
Make like Lawrence of Arabia when you ride a camel in Cabo (Credit: Cabo Adventures)

You’ll be picked up from your Los Cabos hotel and driven to the ranch.

The visit begins with meeting the various animals at the ranch, where you’ll be introduced to your camel before hopping up on the hump for your ride.

You’ll then enjoy a 20-minute camel-riding safari through the desert and along a white sand beach.

If visiting during winter, keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales that may be frolicking offshore!

After your ride, a hands-on tortilla-making session awaits, along with a delicious lunch of freshly made tacos. And for the adults, there’s a tequila tasting too; kids are served an assortment of soft drinks.

No doubt about it. These camel rides are some of the most fun things to do in Cabo with kids! Children aged five and over can participate.

6) Swim at Medano Beach

When you’re wondering what to do in Cabo with kids, heading to the beach first thing might seem an obvious first choice. 

But it’s important to know that not all beaches in Cabo are swimmable.

The beaches fronting the Pacific Ocean side of the southern Baja California Peninsula around Cabo San Lucas aren’t safe for swimming because of big waves and rip tides. 

So check if the beach you want to go to is safe for swimming.

One great option? To cool your beach day down with a dip in the sea, go to Medano Beach (Playa El Medano).

Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas
Medano Beach at a quiet time (there are usually many more people on the beach)

You’ll want to visit this 4-mile stretch of sand that hugs the Sea of Cortez anyway – it’s a Cabo jewel.

The particular section of Medano Beach starting from the Cabo San Lucas Marina and running to Tabasco Beach Bar nearly always has calm waters – making it suitable for swimming. It’s sheltered by the Land’s End rock formations at the end tip of the peninsula. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Cabo with toddlers, this stretch of Medano Beach is perfect for building sand castles, and the shallow waters at the edge are safe for splashing about.

The section of beach from Tabasco Beach Bar to the Riu Santa Fe is often safe for swimming, but on rougher days, it isn’t. And beyond Riu Santa Fe the currents are generally too strong for getting in the water. 

So when it comes to your Cabo San Lucas family vacation, we recommend always playing it safe on Medano Beach and swimming between the Marina and Tabasco Beach Bar. 

7) Fly on a zipline

Woman in yellow T-shirt ziplining in Cabo
Who’s up for ziplining in Cabo? (Credit: Canopy Costa Azul)

Soar through the trees on an exhilarating zipline tour in San Jose del Cabo!

One of the best things to do in Cabo for families with older kids, this experience offers a healthy dose of competition and plenty of adventure. 

You’ll be picked up at your hotel and taken to a lush ecological sanctuary (Canopy Costa Azul). 

The three-hour tour includes seven ziplines which are located 300 feet in the air. There are even racing cables that run simultaneously, so you can compete with others in your family! 

The whole family can have fun ziplining in Cabo (Credit: Canopy Costa Azul)

Along with the ziplines, you can rappel down a 200-foot mountain wall and walk across a wobbly bridge. 

For adults, there’s a tequila tasting at the end. Obviously, this part isn’t suitable for kids. But there are soft drinks for them (which they’ll like better, anyway).

8) Take a glass-bottom boat ride to the Arch

Probably one of the most relaxing fun things for kids to do in Cabo is to hop on a glass-bottom boat for a ride to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

This rock formation juts out from Land’s End at the very bottom of the Baja California Peninsula.

A glass-bottom boat tour is a great way to see the Arch and Land's End.
A glass-bottom boat tour is a great way to see the Arch and Land’s End

Renowned for its rugged beauty, it’s a popular spot for sunset cruises in Cabo. One of the area’s best beaches, Lover’s Beach (which can only be reached by boat or kayak) is also found at Land’s End.

The whole family will love admiring the Land’s End rock formations.

The sleek fat sea lions that bask on the rocks there (and bark up a storm!) are a favorite attraction. Older and younger children alike will also enjoy spotting flashes of marine life in the sea – hello dolphins!

Once you’ve seen the famous Arch, you could all jump into the water and have a snorkel (many tours provide snorkel gear and all-important life vests for children).

Boat tours to the Arch range from private sailing-and-snorkeling boat tours to this glass-bottom boat cruise that can drop you off at Lover’s Beach and pick you up at a later time.

It’s definitely one of the best family activities in Cabo San Lucas.

The boat tour is especially ideal for young children who can’t yet snorkel, as they can see the tropical fish underwater through the glass panel floor beneath their feet.

9) Enjoy a beginners 4×4 ATV adventure

This is one of those fun activities the kids won’t be able to stop talking about when they’re back at school after their Los Cabos family vacation!

Yep, we’re talking about ATV-ing.

ATV tour in Cabo
ATV-ing is a blast in Cabo! (Credit: Real Baja Tours)

About a 30-minute drive north of Cabo San Lucas town on the Pacific Coast, Migrino Beach (Playa Migrino) is a great place for all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tours.

Our son and George (the Dad in our family and the male half of this Cabo Visitor publishing duo) returned from ATVing on Migrino Beach with huge grins on their faces.

This 4×4 ATV adventure is suitable for beginners, and you can choose between 1- or 2-seater ATVs. On a 2-seater ATV, Dad (or Mom!) can sit in the front and drive, while your child sits behind you.

You’ll follow your guide along off-road trails in Baja California’s expansive desert, past native cacti (some are a century old!) to the mountains. Then you’ll soak up views of the Pacific Ocean as you head down, navigating your way around sand dunes to the beach.

Hotel transfers are included in this tour.

10) Help release baby sea turtles

Between July and November/December (and sometimes even into early January), sea turtles clamber up the golden beaches of Los Cabos to lay their eggs.

About 45 days later, the eggs hatch.

And one of the most heartwarming things to do in Cabo for families is to help the tiny baby hatchlings return to the sea.

Baby sea turtles in Cabo
Baby sea turtles in Cabo

They need help.

We’ve seen baby turtles on Medano Beach (beyond all the resorts) scrabble their way along the sand in hopes of reaching the relative safety of the water – only for some to be snatched up for a meal by hungry vultures!

Los Cabos is home to five of the seven endangered sea turtle species – hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback, Olive Ridley and green turtles.

Local community-based organizations play a crucial role in their conservation, as these creatures are vulnerable during their nesting and hatching periods.

You and your kids can help out by joining a tour like this baby turtle release tour.

You’ll be picked up from where you’re staying and driven to a beach in San Jose del Cabo for this tour. You’ll learn about the life cycle of turtles and the importance of turtle conservation – and then you’ll gently pick up hatchlings and guide them to the ocean to start their new lives.

Mom and Dad: You’ll probably want to talk with your little ones about the “circle of life” just so they’re not upset if some baby turtles don’t make it safely to the water.

Alternatively, you might like the turtle release conservation program at Rancho Carisuva, which is led by a certified marine biologist.

It takes place at Playa Migrino and also includes hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Note that if you’re interested in joining one of these two Cabo excursions for families, the best time to go is between late July and September/October – this is the prime turtle season in Cabo.

11) Go horseback riding in Cabo

If you love horses, what could be better than riding a horse along the sand, wind in your hair, enjoying views of the crashing Pacific Ocean waves? 

Girl riding a horse along the beach in Los Cabos
Horseback riding along the beach is a dream-come-true for many kids (Credit: G-Force Adventures)

Horseback riding is a popular activity in Cabo, beloved by adults and kids alike.

Even if no one in your family has ever ridden before, you can go on this horseback riding tour.

You’ll trot past striking desert landscapes, punctuated by impressive cacti, and out to the open sea.

And a small group of just five guests ensures everyone gets personalized attention.

It’s definitely one of the best things for kids to do in Cabo San Lucas, especially if they’re an animal lover or if they ride horses back home! 

Some of the best Cabo resorts for families

When looking at Cabo San Lucas for families, you’ll want to know about kid-friendly resorts. 

Good news: There are plenty of hotels with a variety of attractions for all the family. Here are some of our favorites: 

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

One of the top all-inclusive, family-friendly resorts in Cabo is the 591-room Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos.

Kids have a ball at this all-inclusive family resort in Los Cabos (Credit: Hyatt Ziva)

Daily crafts at the Kidz Club? Check. A super cool teen room loaded with air hockey, video games and pool? Absolutely. A perfect place for young ones and teens to chill when they fancy a family time-out!

As well, there’s a fun-packed playground and a Kidz pool and waterpark with water slides and dump buckets.

The hotel also has seven restaurants (plus additional snack bars and lounges), guaranteeing that even the pickiest eater will be pleased.

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa

Another family-friendly beach resort is the 5-star Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, with 272 suites and eight outdoor heated pools.

It has a daily kids’ club for children aged 4 to 12 years, with workshops including dreamcatcher making and face painting. They also organize beach treasure hunts and the ever-popular “Mexico’s Got Talent.”

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is a great resort in Cabo for families
Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is a great resort in Cabo for families (Credit: Pueblo Bonito)

On the Pacific-side of Cabo San Lucas, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is an expansive resort with spacious suites equipped with kitchenettes.

It offers lots of family activities in Cabo San Lucas.

Tweens and teens will love the Fun Lab with billiards, arcade games, air hockey and the like. The resort also has a 35-seat movie theater, where teens can gather with their new friends they’re sure to meet.

For kids 11 and younger, the PB Kids’ Club has activities like pinata making and Baja cooking classes.

No one was ever short of things to do when we stayed here.

Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Kids having fun at Royal Solaris Los Cabos
Who’s having fun! (Credit: Royal Solaris Los Cabos)

Looking for a great wallet-friendly resort for your family vacay?

Royal Solaris Los Cabos is one of the most affordable places to stay in Cabo.

It’s all-inclusive, so the kids (and you!) can eat and drink whenever the mood strikes.

It has a kids’ club and a water park. And there are activities for all ages, including Zumba classes, tennis, basketball, craft sessions and movie afternoons.

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences

The 5-star Chileno Bay Resort & Residences is set on Chileno Bay, where the beach is great for swimming and snorkeling.

It has the Pescaditos Kids Club and Escondite Teens Club, with a range of activities suitable for kids from 4 to 17 years.

Family going SUP at Chileno Bay, Los Cabos
Kids are well taken care of here! (Credit: Chileno Bay Resort)

If you’re looking for kid-friendly things to do in Cabo San Lucas while you relax around the pool with a book, this could be your place. 

The gorgeous central tiered pool complex, lined by comfy loungers, is a highlight of the resort.

FAQs about visiting Los Cabos with kids

Is Cabo a good place for a family vacation?

Absolutely! Cabo has (deservedly) got a name for itself as one of the most vacation-centric places to visit in Mexico. This means there are plenty of things to do in Cabo with family, no matter how old your kids are.

Family-friendly accommodations and ease of access add to its allure as a destination for all. 

Cabo is a great place for a family vacation!
Cabo is a great place for a family vacation!

Is Cabo safe for kids?

In a word: Yes.

Cabo (and all of Mexico) is subject to stereotypes when it comes to safety. But this resort area, favored by Americans and Canadians, is as safe as any other popular tourist destination.

There are cartel problems in Mexico, but most of this takes place close to the U.S. border and elsewhere in non-touristy Mexican states. 

When is the best time to visit Cabo with family?

The best time to go to Cabo depends on what you want to do.

May, June, October and November are best for water fun like swimming and snorkeling. Late July to October is the prime turtle season.

For whale watching, aim for December to April.

What kind of foods are available for kids in Cabo?

Cabo’s food scene offers a wide range of options for kids, from familiar favorites like pizza and hamburgers to local Mexican food.

Girl eating a taco in Cabo San Lucas
Who’s hungry for tacos?

For pizza and pasta, check out La Dolce, one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Cabo. There are also many great taco places like Gardenias.

Many restaurants also offer kid-friendly menus.

Is there any health advice for traveling to Cabo with kids?

Stick to drinking bottled water. Also make sure your family’s vaccinations are up to date. And don’t forget sunscreen!

How should you pack for a trip to Cabo with kids?

When packing for Cabo, you’ll need swimwear, sun protection like hats and sunscreen, lightweight clothing and comfy shoes or sandals. Throw in a light jacket for each person for cooler evenings.

Last words on the best things to do in Cabo for kids (and their parents!)

This guide on Cabo San Lucas for kids aims to answer some key questions you may have about visiting one of our favorite vacation destinations with family. 

From fun-filled activities like ziplining and camel rides to the comfort and convenience of family-friendly resorts, Cabo is a paradise for creating treasured family memories.

So bring the whole family. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Los Cabos with kids – and you’re all sure to have a blast!

Best things to do in Cabo with kids

Planning your trip to Cabo?

Here are our favorite travel resources:

  • Resorts: is great for scoring a “wow” hotel in Cabo – or at least a decent one. (We especially like their flexible cancellation policy!)
  • Vacation homes, condos and rentals: We prefer and use Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner).
  • Tours: For the best local guided tours in Cabo, see Viator and GetYourGuide.
  • Car rental: Renting a car in Los Cabos is one of the best ways to explore. Discover Cars searches car rental companies so you get the best rates.
  • Travel insurance: SafetyWing is designed for frequent travelers, long-term adventurers and digital nomads. It covers medical expenses, lost checked luggage, trip interruption and more. We also have and recommend Medjet for global air medical transportation and travel security.

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